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iPad marketing - well done Apple!

Posted by: OS GIKEN

Tagged in: The Grammys , Steve Jobs , Stephen Colbert , ipad , Apple


Whoever watched The Grammys 2 nights ago will still be thinking about the second when Steven Colberts pulled out that iPad - I smiled as the world of advertising as we know it, has taken a new leap into the future.

Let's not focus on the iPad for a moment here...I can already picture the guys at Apple, be it Steve or some hot shot sitting there in his corner office, sipping a cup of strong black coffee, “how do we do this” he asks.

What do you get when you put Grammys and people together? Millions of eyes and millions of eyes in your target market! I'm sure people who buy the iPad are people who are hip and up to date with technology, people who use FB and Twitter, people who already have iPhones and who would use the iStore even if it sold bread and milk!

Millions of people watched the Grammys and the guys at Apple know this. Many celebrities were there noticing the new in thing! And we all know if the celebrities have the iPad, then who won't want the iPad?

So, they call in the 1st person to go onto the stage, they don't want to introduce the iPad in the middle or at the end, when everyone's bored out of their minds, they want it to be seen when people are still excited about the night, when people can' t wait for what they are about to see unfold for the next couple of hours, and how do you start it? By introducing the iPad!

They probably sat down with Steven Colberts and negotiated with him to pull out the iPad when no one expects it - even I was hooked on the iPad when I saw Colberts pull it out. That to me is the first thing every marketing student needs to understand - the element of surprise must be there, surprise tends to elevate different emotions as opposed to a normal showcase of a new product!

We know Apple has some of the best marketing campaigns in history, but this one to me is the best by far, it got me excited about the product, a simple touch screen tablet PC...made famous by its introduction.

OS over and out - what does the pricing model in South Africa look like for the new iPad, I'm willing to put myself in debt for this thing...$499 in the US as a starting price. I hope it’s as affordable here too!



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