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iOS 5: How to sync over wifi(no cable), make your own text tone and lots more

Posted by: msbodetti

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I've had a while now using iOS 5 and I got around getting in all the ways to make my iPhone work the way I want it to…

Sync over wifi(no cable needed)

1. You need to make sure your iDevice and computer is on the same network. Your computer can be connected via ethernet or wirelessly. You can create your own wifi network using just your computer, find out more by using Google.

2. Once you have connected both your iDevice and computer to the same network. Plug in your iDevice to your computer. Open up iTunes and go to your iDevice. On the Summary tab of your iDevice, look and check for the option to allow syncing over wifi. Unplug your iDevice.

3. Get on your iDevice and go to Settings-General-iTunes Wifi Sync and you will see a button saying 'Sync Now'. You have successfully activated the Wifi sync!

If the button is greyed out, don't worry your iDevice will keep trying to connect to your iTunes. Errors might pop up in iTunes for connectivity so that's how you know it's working. If it still doesn't connect, check your wifi settings on your router or computer as well as on your iDevice.

Text Tones

Now we all know that we can make custom ringtones for our iPhones using iTunes. But now Apple has made it possible to make our custom text tones. Unfortunately you will need to use your computer to be able to do this. Which I find shocking since they are trying to do away with their users to keep using their computers for their iPhones but anyways, here's how to do it:
(This is the exact same way to make custom ringtones)

1. Download Ringtone Designer App from iTunes for your iDevice. They have a Pro and Free version. You can create custom ringtones with these Apps, add fades etc. And its compatible with iOS 5.

2. Open up Ringtone Designer on your iDevice and load a song from your iPhone music library. It will ask if you want to create a Ringtone or Text Tone so pick the one you like. Choose the correct one because the timing for the Text tone is 4 seconds and in a Ringtone its more.

Once you have your desired tone save it on the App and now it's ready for us to export it using iTunes.

4. In iTunes, on your iDevice go to the Apps section and scroll to the bottom till you can see the Apps you can copy files from. You will see Ringtone Designer there, click it and you will see the tones you created.

At the bottom right, you can save it to your hard drive.

5. Go to where you saved your tone and open it in iTunes. And it should be under the Ringtones section. Press the Sync button in iTunes or on your iDevice by going to Settings-General-iTunes Wifi Sync.

I noticed that the iTunes Wifi Sync only works when the iDevice is not locked with the passcode and it's also better to keep your iDevice in close range so the syncing doesn't take too long.

How to find your custom text tone on your iPhone:

1. On your iDevice, go to Settings-Sounds-Text Tone

2. Go to the 'Ringtones' section and you should see your custom tones at the top of the list. Choose it to hear a preview.

Dictionary Shortcuts

What is Dictionary shortcuts?

It's the ability of making letters to automatically change into sentences for you. For example, I type in 'hau' and press send, I want it to send 'How are you?'

This is mostly for people with hand disorders and can't type out long sentences but it also creates ease for everyone else.

How to create a Dictionary shortcut:

1. On your iDevice go to Settings-General-Keyboard

2. You should have a shortcut already created. omw = On my way!

Underneath it you should see 'Add New Shortcut..' tap it. 

3. In the Phrase section type out the sentence you want seen and in the Shortcut type the letters you want to expand into your Phrase.

4. Test it by going to your Notes, Email or Messages Apps!

Custom Vibrations

Now you have the ability to set a custom vibration for your incoming calls. Apple put in 5 vibration patterns you can choose: Alert (Original), Heartbeat, Rapid, S.O.S and Symphony Or you can create your own vibration pattern:

1. On your iDevice go to Settings-General-Accessibility and turn on Custom Vibrations.

2. Go back to the Main Menu in Settings and then to Sounds. At the bottom you  should see 'Vibration Patterns' and select 'Vibration'. At the bottom of the list, you should see a Custom category and select 'Create New Vibration'

3. Now all you have to do is tap on the screen to record a pattern. It will vibrate as you tap. You can create a vibration according to a tone you have on your iPhone so it can go along with each other.

Additional in iOS 5:

You can add LED flash to incoming calls, calendar reminders, alarms etc. Go to Settings-General-Accessibility and turn on 'LED Flash for Alerts' This is great for when you have your iPhone on silent. But please note that the LED flash for alerts will only work when your iDevice is locked! See video below I made for a preview of LED flash for alerts:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video

You can add custom gestures for tasks. Go to Settings-General-Accessibility and turn on 'AssistiveTouch'. This is mainly aimed for handicapped people but everyone can use it for ease of use of their iDevice.

Now you can use your mobile number or Apple ID for FaceTime; Before you could only use your Apple ID. Go to Settings-FaceTime and add your Apple ID or keep your number for FaceTime.

Start using Private browsing in Safari. Go to Settings-Safari and enable Private browsing. This does not hide browsing from your ISP.

You can use your mobile number or Apple ID for iMessage. Go to Settings-Messages-Receive at and change it to your Apple ID if you want.  

     This is just over a handful of new features I found in iOS 5. And I must say that I am very happy with all of them! I use all these features now because I never had the chance before…


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written by MrCoxR, October 27, 2011
Do you use the ICloud function? I'm interested in the whole concept of cloud computing and I'm wandering about this ICloud... smilies/smiley.gif
written by DBS, October 27, 2011
Withmy iPad I am using iCloud. Not sure I am fully committed to believing it works as well as it could. Googling I have found that I am not the only one having problems with it.
That said it does backup the iPad for me without my having to remember to do it which is a plus.
I cant get reminders created on the laptop and syncerd through the cloud to be upodated on the iPad and then sync back which is a big pity.
Calendars seem to be ok but I accidentally deleted some appointments that I should not have because of multiple synchronisation taking place with iCloud and the cable sync.

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