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iOS 5: Alternative way to get it and Jailbreak (Tethered; Any baseband)

Posted by: msbodetti

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After my last post on the live blog stream of the "Let's talk iPhone" I haven't really had a chance downloading and updating my iPhone to iOS 5.

What really bugged me was the headlines of Apple's servers not being sufficient for the update. Well lets see… Steve passed away (R.I.P), this was a real revelation for the iOS and they were releasing a new iPhone on Friday so obviously it would be swamped. 

Alternate way to get it:

1. Get on your Computer and open your browser to or just get it from this link.
2. Download the iOS file that goes with your iDevice. Remember to make a back up in iTunes so that you can restore from latest back up with Apps, Music, email settings etc.
3. On completion, open up iTunes, plug in your iDevice and press Option + Click(Mac)/Shift + Click(Windows) on 'Restore'. Browse to the ipsw we downloaded in step 2.

4. Wait for it to load the new iOS 5 and reboot. In iTunes, it will ask if you would like to make it a new iPhone or restore it from a back up. Your choice!

This route is 100% legit since I had a issue getting it from iTunes and I used this method. This is the same IPSW package that many users will download from iTunes.
I wasn't going to wait for a untethered Jailbreak so I went ahead and updated it. You need to update it anyways to do this Jailbreak!


What you need:

1. iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd and 4th Generation or a 1st gen iPad on iOS 5. It's not working for the iPhone 4S or iPad 2 or any older iDevice.

2. A Mac or Windows computer

3. Redsnow which you can download here or Snowbreeze here but you can only use it on a Windows computer.
Jailbreak iOS 5:

1. Download and update your iDevice to iOS 5. Download redsnow here and open it. You can go ahead and press the Jailbreak button but it will take long to process the ipsw from your iDevice to your computer. 

So press 'Extras' then choose 'Select IPSW' and browse to where your iOS 5 ipsw is. On Windows it's saved here c:/users/(ur username)/appdata/roaming/applecomputer/itunes/ipod software updates Or on Mac here ~username/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/

It will say that it's loaded and that it will be ready for that session of Redsnow.

2. Go back to the main menu of Redsnow and press 'Jailbreak' it will tell you to turn your iDevice off. So hold down the power button and slide to power off. Then plug your iDevice into your computer. Then press 'Next' and it will take you to the process of putting your iDevice into DFU mode.

Once you successfully entered DFU mode, it will Jailbreak your iDevice and you should see the Pineapple logo on your iDevice screen and a bunch of scripts will run. 

Once it's rebooted, you will notice that Cydia has a blank white logo on the App. And when you press it, it crashes but here's the fix:

1. Turn your iDevice off and plugged into your computer.

2. Open up redsnow again, don't worry about loading an IPSW. Press 'Extras' and then choose 'Just boot'.

You will go into the process of DFU mode and then it will tether boot it. You will need to do this every time after you power off your iDevice and put it back on again.

Your Cydia should be seen with usual logo on the App and when you press it, it will load the Cydia store :)

If you get stuck, let me know and I will assist.

Please note that not all packages on the Cydia store are iOS 5 compatible. But the developers are working on getting their packages iOS compatible. But heres a list of packages that are iOS 5-ready:

  • 3G Unrestrictor
  • 60 Second Lock Screen
  • Action Menu
  • Action Menu Plus Pack
  • ActionBoard
  • Activator
  • AdBlocker
  • afc2add
  • Airplane SBSettings
  • AndroidLock XT
  • App Switcher Brightness
  • AppBackup
  • APT 0.7 HTTPS Method
  • AskToCall
  • Autolock SBSettings
  • Barrel
  • BatteryDetective
  • BBSettings
  • BeyondSMS
  • Black Keyboard
  • Bolt
  • Browser Changer
  • CallBar
  • CallCounter3
  • CleverPin
  • ClockCenter
  • Color Mail Labels
  • Compas for Maps
  • Çrackulous
  • Cydelete
  • DashBoard for Maps
  • Datacounter
  • DietBar
  • Dimmer
  • Direct Closer Pro
  • DisplayOut
  • Dock
  • Double At
  • Dreamboard
  • Erica Utilities
  • EZDecline
  • f.lux
  • FakeCarrier
  • FakeClockUp
  • FakeMail
  • FakeOperator
  • Fastr
  • Firewall iP
  • Five collum SB
  • Five Icon Dock
  • Five Icon Switcher
  • FlashCam
  • FolderCloser
  • FolderLock
  • FullScreen for Safari
  • Gridlock
  • HapticPro
  • Home Button in Safari
  • HomePage
  • iFaceApp
  • iFile
  • iGotYa
  • Instant Mirror
  • IP Blocker
  • iPhoneDelivery
  • iPhone Modem
  • iRealSMS
  • iRetina 4+ SBSetting Theme
  • iRetiner GUI
  • iSwipe
  • iTether
  • KBShortcuts
  • KeypadTransparency
  • KickLock
  • KillBackground
  • KuaiDail
  • libstatusbar
  • Location Spoofer
  • LockLauncher
  • Manual Correct
  • Manual Correct Pro
  • MarkThatMessage
  • Media Controller Brightness
  • MessWithWords
  • MissedCallOpening
  • Mobile Substrate
  • MobileTerminal
  • Multifl0w
  • MultiNoteDelete
  • multislide
  • MxTube
  • My3G
  • MyIP
  • MyWi 5.0
  • Navigate From Maps
  • Netaltalk
  • No Bookmarks
  • NoSpot
  • OmniStat
  • OpenSSH
  • OverBoard
  • PagePusher
  • PasswordPilot
  • Phone GV Extension
  • PKGBackup
  • PowerCenter
  • PowerSaver
  • PreferenceLoader
  • PreventSleep
  • PrivaCy
  • PrivateSMS
  • Pull to Refresh for Mail
  • Pull to Refresh for Safari
  • QuickNote
  • QuickOpen
  • Repo Setup Files
  • Respring Widget
  • RetinaPad
  • roqyBT4
  • RSSWidget for iOS 5
  • SBSettings
  • sbsettingstoggles
  • ScreenDimmer
  • ScreenLocker
  • Scrollingboard
  • Serious SBSettings HD
  • ShakeToUndo Killer
  • Silent Vibrate SBSettings
  • SleepDepriver
  • SlideAway
  • SlideCenter
  • SMS Counter
  • SMS GV Extension
  • SMS+
  • Source GUI
  • SpringFlash + SBSettings Toggle
  • StayOpened
  • Substrate Safe Mode
  • SuperSlider
  • TetherMe
  • Toggle SSH
  • Transparent Statusbar for iOS4
  • TruPrint
  • UDIDFaker
  • UISettings
  • ultrasn0w
  • UnlimTones
  • Veency
  • VoiceActivator
  • Voicemail Forwarder
  • Wallpaper JPEGifier
  • Webscrollian
  • WeeFacebook
  • WeeRadio
  • WiCarrier
  • WiFi Booster
  • WiFi Passwords
  • WiFiSMS
  • Winterboard
  • xGPS
  • More on current compatibility packages you can find here.



    Comments (3)Add Comment
    written by redsaid, October 19, 2011
    Fantastic blog as always, msbodetti! Thank you. (Even though I will NEVER attempt anything like this on my precious iPod Touch... Because trust me, it will explode.)
    written by Charmed, October 23, 2011
    I will be sharing your blog with someone who is looking to do this. I mentioned you already and this post came at the right time smilies/smiley.gif

    I downloaded iOS 5 a week before it came out - the same final version that was gonna be made public and i'm glad I did when I saw everyone else had issues.

    I do like it so far. Was meant to do a write up about it but got really busy.

    The notification screen is my favorite new feature.
    written by msbodetti, October 26, 2011
    @ redsaid thanks for the comment smilies/smiley.gif Jailbreaking is not necessary but I've been doing it for years now so I can't live with out it..

    @ Charmed thanks for the comment smilies/smiley.gif I was so busy during the week of the Lets talk iPhone event that I didn't have time to even think about downloading the iOS 5 Golden Master like you!

    I am actually going to put a post up now of all the features I came across that I think are amazing!

    I am actually very happy that Apple didnt charge for this update like the iOS 3!

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