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Inside a heart of TiN

Posted by: TiN

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 A vacant space inside of me
That turns sunshine to ashen skies
The aftermath of a wasted existence
Amongst the debris of destruction
Lies another day filled with dreams
Of sex and violence
That stampede across an empty heart
Devoid of emotion
This hollow of a heart
Wishes to wake to a different world,
A different me, where I’ll be whole
And not just broken and battered
From these wounds that taint
From this disease that hungers
For existence or escape.

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written by redsaid, November 27, 2007

And welcome back. It's good to see that you are writing again.
written by TiN, November 28, 2007
You have no idea what your encouragement means, especially at this time when words are hard to come by.

THANK YOU smilies/smiley.gif
written by Complicated thinker, November 28, 2007
Beautiful piece of work!

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