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I'M BACK!!!!

Posted by: guardian angel

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guardian angel

Well bloggers, after a long break, I am finally back.  some will remember me (i never  keep quiet or hold back on commenting or making statements), while some of the newer bloggers wont.  And there are quite a few newer guys.

Well i spent time introspecting after having lost my mom and step son.  Two huge blows in my life and very soon after each other, my mom from brain cancer (5 months and then she was gone) and my step son was a hit and run accident (died about 2 hours after reaching the hospital).  I can only say i am glad that i did all i could to be there.

One can only sit back and wonder how short ones life is and that it is so important to be doing the things for those around us and for those who are still with us - whether they be family or not.  

I have always been that way, and even though i have felt i have done all i can,  i think my learning curve here has been that we can never do enough and we need to do it today.  Dont put anything off - make sure that the minute you decide to do something, or see somebody, or help another - DO IT!!!  The next half an hour could prove to be a changing point in either your life or the life of somebody you know.  By then it is too late.  You will never get the opportunity to do anything for them again.

There is an islamic saying which is just my favourite :  "Heaven lies at the feet of the mother".  Do all you can for her, even if it tests your patience.  She did all she could to raise, care and love you.  Show her gratitude, patience and tolerance and pass that onto your children or to those around you.  There might come a time you need that kind of care too and you too might need those around you to be patient and loving.  Dont live with regrets because life IS short.


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written by Doolally, May 31, 2011
Welcome Back Gaurdian Angel smilies/smiley.gifSorry to hear of your loss. Yes often when we lose someone it gives us a new perspective on things. Hopefully we will be seeing plenty of you in the future.
written by Dissol, June 01, 2011
sorry to hear of your losses

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