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IEB Matric results and Government results will they reflect the same disappointments?

Posted by: DBS


Today the IEB results are released and tomorrow the Government schools will be out.

Last year the Government schools were very poor in the critical areas of Maths and Physical Science and I expect that this year they will be the same if not worse.

THe IEB results tend to be better but not brilliant in these subjects and I hope that there they will show improvemernt.

While the IEB is written by most of the "private" schools there are a number of "Model C" schools that also write it. I am also wondering if with the proposed elimination of bonus payments for teachers at Model C if any improvement in Maths and Scxience will be maintained. Certainly if I was one of those teachers and being rewarded currently for a 100% pass rate in my subjects, I would not be keen to stay in a state school.

Is the poor performance in Maths and Science also not a digital opportunity? At University I know they have programs for Maths especially algebra that require students to respond via radio button as to what the answer is. The student is expcted to still do the working to get to the answer.

I am not sure if schools have even looked at it but now is the time. THe priced of technology is down, connectivity is improving and at all levels not just the well off.


Maybe now is the right time to get the web and digital communication to improve our Maths and Science results.

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