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Idealism and Reality

Posted by: Jawellnofine

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There are a few things that life has taught me. I say a few because I have not lived long enough to have learnt it all.

One of those lessons is that idealism and politics don’t ever mix. This lesson gets more and more prevalent, and sickening, with each passing day.

Another lesson is that politicians will always manipulate and connive their political environment - it is a power game after all. The longer one stays in power, the more money one makes and the more proficient one becomes at the game.

And to boot, all politicians have agendas; and spin doctors. As the old axiom states – ours is to do or die. To question is irreverent and inconsequential and such actions will very seldom prove anything, except maybe to raise the bile and blood pressure. Both conditions are unhealthy and not conducive to a long life.

Having said that, given the political toxicity of our world, nothing surprises me anymore. Yes, we all can jot down our opinions and emotive feelings but in the end, our jottings will remain just that; opinions.

Are we not responsible for the state of affairs? Did we, the people, not give power to the government(s) to look after our welfare and security? Do we not keep giving them more power when we continually call on them to sort out our messes? Is it not a fact that irrespective of how noble the person is that one elects to a given position, if the job title is to chop-heads, then chop-heads they will?

But hey, I’m only an insignificant blogger whose scribblings are read by a small minority of a specific demographics of the population.

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written by kuchema, December 21, 2009
Too emotive and unfocused. No idea what point you're trying to make, if there is one at all except whine as your last sentence exemplifies.

Idealism and politics don't ever mix? Ever heard of the word 'ideology'?

'We, the people' is an americanism than can be misleading. The people don't give power. The rulers take it. 'We' as people are only responsable for things inasfar as our actions or inactions have a significant effect on them. Since few people are politically active and mostly people let the government get on with it, the government is resposible for their own actions or inactions. The issue is accountability.

You sound dissillusioned with something to do with politics. Why don't you get off your arse and get involved?
written by Jawellnofine, December 22, 2009
ah hah. Your vociferous comment carries as much substance as a leaking sieve.
written by kuchema, December 22, 2009
smilies/grin.gif how bout you be the bigger person, stop the tit for tat, ignore the ad hominems and address my points?

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