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I do believe I'm back

Posted by: ShackledMuse

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Actually, I promised the lovely RedSaid that I would magically conjure 500 words on MyDL and 500 words on my personal blog. This impromptu arrangement  followed a little Facebook status update I made last night after I realized I was a whole bunch happier when I still blogged regularly. (Sadly, my personal blog shall remain un-updated for now, gravity is taking its toll on my eyelids.)

So, here I am. Let me explain my absence. One word: work. For six months, my major concern was work. Or rather a lack thereof. Now, my major complaint is work; or rather, an excess thereof. To the point that I had to give up my permanent writing job on Walyou, as well as various other hobbies I hold dear. I manage to pay the rent these days though, and the groceries, and the fuel, and my debt, and and and... Catch 22?

The downside? Seeing my sanity slowing slide down a slippery slope. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not scared of working hard. But somewhere between working from 6AM till 6PM (or 9.30PM, like tonight) to being treated like a dog to working on Sundays one has to draw the line. As much as the trustworthy hard-worker that I am, I'm still only one person. On any given day I can do 2 persons work. But not more than that, unfortunately. Sadly, that's what "they" expect from me.

Apart from that, I do not appreciate being spoken to in the manner that a certain exec at the company fondly uses when dealing with me. May what ever force be out there mark my words: I'm gonna slap that bitch before the year is out... 

So, you can see, I do have a very good reason for pulling a disappearing act... And it might just continue till the end of this month (being financial year end and all) but after that I'll be back in full force!

I have so much to blog about! From my new art endeavors and goals and such, to the awesomeness that was U2. I'd keep the U2 blog on hold till all the Cape Town folk experienced it. Wouldn't be fair ruining it for anyone. lol. I need to vent about my frustrations and million people who annoy me on daily basis, and need to air my plans for the rest of the year.  I need to write whatever pops in my head, be it the mindless banter or my genius poetic ramblings. (come one, I'm allowed to boasts with some talents?)

So fear not, my fellow MyDL'ers. I'll be back.

I promised RedSaid :)

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written by Charmed, February 16, 2011
So many other South Africans didn't care about the U2 concert in CT, I think you should blog it smilies/wink.gif

Welcome back, we've missed your blog posts!
written by Doolally, February 16, 2011
Welcome back ShackledMuse! I am glad you have decided the best medium to air your frustrations is by blogging! I couldn't go to the U2 concert as both my bosses went so you are going to have to do a post soon so I can hear all the glorius details (bosses say it was great and stay mum further).
written by Dissol, February 16, 2011
I am pleased Red managed to convince you. Welcome back. It has been rather quiet here... So quiet, I am picking fights with myself.
written by Dissol, February 16, 2011
I am missing out on the U2 concert, for a whole manner of complicated reasons. I have huge respect for them as a band, and also for the way that they (particularly Bono) has used his fame for good causes. I saw them many, many years ago, in Ireland. It was just after one particular terrorist atrocity in Northern Ireland. They came on waving white flags of peace, and he gave a 10 minute speech on why violence was not the way to solve our differences, and why, that day, he was not proud to be Irish. I don't believe there was a dry eye in the house. The rendition of Bloody Sunday (it was before my time, but the Bloody Sunday incident involved my regiment), was incredible.

Second best concert I have ever been to.

Oh? The best?? Pink Floyd at Earls Court, London.

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