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How will I survive?? Incommunicado!

Posted by: tally

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This morning I woke up in one of those fits of panic that one usually has when one's subconscious has remembered something that one's conscious has quite forgotten. In this case it was a small detail I needed to tell some people in my journalism group. No biggy. Easily solved with an sms...

Or so I thought

One of those things you always hear Old Folk complaining about about technology is how reliant we are on it. We're so used to giving people misscalls to say "I'm here" or smsing some change of plan or request at the last minute... but this morning when I tried to do this my phone informed me, smugly, that I am barred from using that service.

Come again?

I tried phoning.

"Your account has been suspended"


I moved to phone my dad (the owner of the contract) to find out what was up... then remembered that I couldn't. I went to the computer and sent him an email. I pressed refresh for about half an hour before I decided I should sms him to tell him he had mail. Um, no. Ok... so how about I go to my lecture and then borrow someone's phone?

Didn't know anyone in lecture well enough to ask if I could use their airtime, so decided I should ask the folks on irc to send an sms for me. I took out my phone and tried to log onto the net... um, no, not going to happen.

If you had asked me yesterday if I was reliant on my phone, I would have laughed at you. I hardly ever speak on the phone (who needs phones with things like skype and email?) and barely ever get through my sms bundle. My phone, I would have told you, is there for emergencies... and entertainment during boring lectures.

Now, however, I think I'm going to have to admit to my mom that I am indeed part of Generation-Y... and I can't survive (comfortably) without a cellphone.

Which is a pity, since email from my dad (recieved a few minutes ago) explains that the reason I'm suspended is because he doesn't have money to pay the bill... which means I'm gonna be incommunicado for quite some time!

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written by OS GIKEN, October 09, 2008
he doesnt have money?

damn nice one dad!
written by Traysee, October 09, 2008
Tally, stay strong. You will get through this. take care
written by andrew69, October 09, 2008
I don't even have enough money to pay attention...

Good luck with the cellphone, I know I simply cannot live without mine. I can't even bring myself to put it on silent.

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