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How to Write a Resume That Gains You an Interview

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You have set your sights on the job you want, and you need to be called for that crucial first  interview.  How do you go about presenting yourself as the best person for the position?  An important first step is writing a good resume.

No matter how hard you work to get good grades or an impressive degree, at the end of the day it is the impression that you leave with the interviewer that will get you the job.  But the important thing is to be invited for that interview.  Of all the possible candidates you might not even have the greatest grades or past work history, so what do you do?

The thing to remember about managers is that they are only human – which means that more often than not when hiring someone to do a job, they are more likely to hire someone they think will be able to do the job, instead of someone who has all the correct tick boxes filled. 

First impressions count. And, should you get an interview, a resume that is well written and clearly laid out will improve your chances making that first impression a good one.  Bear in mind that years of hard work may have gone into qualifying you for the job you are hoping for, so formatting your resume properly could make a world of difference. .

It goes without saying that before applying for a job, you need to do your homework: investigate the industry and the company that you hope will employ you. Get to know what the catch phrases are and understand the jargon.  Human resources personnel can filter through resumes and discard those that seem to show no knowledge of the type of job that is being applied for.  The HR personnel usually look for certain skill levels, but if your resume does not have the correct specific terms that are being looked for, there’s a chance that your resume will be filed in the circular file.

Then, you need to bear in mind that managers who do the hiring want a person who will be able to do the job.  You may be competing here with candidates more skilled than you are. So, when you write your resume, let it indicate that the company will benefit by hiring you rather than someone else whose resume has simply listed his qualifications.

Your resume should also reflect your wider experience, especially that which requires a special skill or ability.  In every job there are unknowns, so by listing your unique abilities coupled with the experience you have, it is possible that may just have the correct combination of abilities that qualify you for the job.  Moreover,  in addition to presenting you in a good light but it will also demonstrate your skill in creating professional documents

To sum up: to get the job does not mean that you have to be the best qualified.  But take the time to write a resume that is better than the rest.  This could be the factor that gives you the edge over anyone else. 

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written by OS GIKEN, May 06, 2010 where's an example? Coz I need to start writing my resume...

oh btw...what's the difference between a resume and a CV?smilies/wink.gif
written by EgbertFly, May 07, 2010
There is no difference, resume is an Americanism. What type of position are you looking for?

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