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How to buy a mobilephone

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There is more than enough evidence out there to prove that most people often buy products based on the hype created by advertising,hype created by product lovers and hype created by friends or close relatives.Looking at the hype that has been created around the mobile phone from Apple that everyone is talking about I thought it is time that I create a mobilephone buying guide or checklist infact I will leave the labeling to you.

Before I start with my ramblings I think it will be fair to deal with why we need a mobile phone?.I believe that everyone reading this blog understands mobile phones and how to use them.The basic and the most important need that a mobile phone is capable of satisfying is the need to communicate without being in a fixed geographical location during the call and this need is met by allowing you to make and recieve calls while on the move.In the olden days that is all that was required but today a mobile phone is expected to do other things besides intiating and recieving calls while on the move.We use them for instant messaging,text messaging(SMS),multimedia messaging services(MMS),email,video calling,pay tv reciever(useless unless it has a tv out),internet access,GPS devices,PDA(personal digital assistants),portable music and multimedia players,gprs modems(global packet radio service) or edge modems(enhanced data rate global evolution) modems, 3G modems and etc.So when purchasing a mobile phone there are just too may things to think about besides the looks of the phone,how much it costs and whether your peers will like it or not.

Let us look at features that you definately need to look out for when purchasing a mobile phone.

Supported technologies or protocols:

  • GSM
  • gprs(global packet radio service)
  • edge(enhanced data rate global evolution)
  • 3g(third generation wireless standard) good for high speed connection
  • wifi(wireless fidelity)
  • gprs-plus(global packet radio service) similar to gprs but can reach 115 kpbs
  • dvb-h(digital video broadcast-handheld) allows tv to be broadcasted live to mobile devices
  • multimedia formats(mp3,wma,aac,augg)
  • Java technology

Supported Band:

  •  Quad band.

Input mechanism:

  • In most cases this is through a keyboard if you can get a qwerty things will be great.


  • The size of the screen is important if you are planning on sending and reading emails or text messages or playing games.


  • The size of internal memory and make sure it has an expansion slot should there be a need for more memory.

Data mode:

  • Make sure it can handle analog and digital wireless signals.

Battery life:

  • Because mobile phones are capable of executing multiple tasks at once you also have to look at the battery life. 

Once your finished with everything make sure that your service provider supports most of the features that your new gadget has.

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