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How the site works

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

As some of you might have noticed when browsing My Digital Life on your cellphone, we are now directing you to a mobile website instead of the desktop version.Mainly we needed to start pushing our content to be mobile complaint due to the increase in users making use of the mobile devices to browse the web.

So is the first step just to create a mobile presence for us.

For now we are filtering the content based on Editorial choice for both the news as well as the blogs.  The reason being that we want to present users who visit our mobi site with high quality content in both categories.

So the content shown here is content that we select as front page material.

Why is my blog not there?

Some of you might feel that your blog does deserve to be placed on the mobi site but it isn't there.

The reason for this is that some members make use of HTML code in their postings that messes up the article display on the mobile site. We now have to options:

  1. Remove all the code from your blog postings
  2. Only use postings that aren't filled with code snippets.

The problem with option 1 is that we will then have to remove the top banners you placed with your custom logo. We don't really want to do that since you took all the time to place your personal stamp on it.

The other problem is that people copy/paste directly from Word and this also puts a lot of MS code into the posting.

Additional functionality

Currently we are not providing members with the functionality to log in and blog  and leave comments on the mobi site.

These features are in the pipeline and will be introduced at a later stage.

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written by Dissol, August 10, 2010
Source, thank you for that. Is there any way that we can choose not to log onto the mobi site? Given my present situation, it can be easier to log onto the site using my iPod rather than laptop & it has been good to be able to access the 'usual' site using that, rather than trying to hold the tablet above me & writing on it, while lying on my back (and supposed not to be using my arms much!!).

Maybe once you can log on & leave comments on the mobi site it will make sense for bloggers, but until then it is just a frustration.

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