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How multi is Multichoice

Posted by: barrmar

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DSTV is not shy to constantly broadcast the message that it gives us so much more. 

Indeed, there are a lot of channels to choose from. Sometimes there is something that I really do want to see. But whenever I really want to watch something worthwhile, hopping through the channels produces very little. 

A part of the problem could be that we are simply getting what the world's TV channels are churning out. In fact some of the shows are award winners back home in the US. 

What do we actually get with DSTV? 

There is a bunch of movie channels showing predominantly Hollywood commercial movies. All in all there is very little that is not mainstream commercial US cinema. There is, however, a large audience for European cinema. There is a small audience for almost every type of film. The fact of the matter is that most films that reach Cannes will never be shown on DSTV which would rather show endless repeats of Hollywood movies. 

The news channels have become poor. Not our fault. BBC entertainment has become a joke. BBC Lifestyle has become poor. 

As for sports, DSTV is outstanding! Probably the best in the world - at least for the sports that enjoy wide popularity. 

Multichoice is in the business of making money. There is nothing wrong with that. But when I have to pay R559 every month, I expect Multichoice to also cater for more minority tastes. 

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written by Dissol, June 18, 2011
The content on DSTV has become steadily worse (although as there is no real opposition, they can get away with it), as not only are many of the channels filled with middle of the road hollywood movies...and repeats of the same movies, and then many, many hours taken up with behind the scenes of how they made these movies... The BBC channels (aside from the excellent Attenborough, and wonderful QI) have become really poor - how many times can they show Top Gear episodes??? As a car program, there is little point showing the latest models, from a decade ago...even less point repeating the same programme, at prime time on subsequent nights. The sport is certainly not the best in the is fine for mainstream sport - Rugby, Soccer, (English) Football, Motorsport, & a little bit of cycling, but very few other sports...

If not for the family, Attenborough & QI, I would cancel, and get all my needs satisfied via the net...which then brings another issue...the s-l-o-w expensive net connections that we experience, which limit the choices and options there.

Both problems are due to the same issue - monopolies, and lack of real competition.
written by barrmar, June 18, 2011
Dissol - I agree with you entirely. As I said before, the sports channels are excellent for the very popular sports.
When I lived in the UK in the late sixties and seventies, there were only 4 channels. Within that, they managed to run series of films by Fellini, Passolini, Goddard, Trufaut - the list is endless. Then there were seasons of classic films - Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, The Marx Brothers. There were also intelligent film review programs.
Yes, there was plenty of crap as well, but we did have Monty Python and a whole host of British comedy of a quality that has become elusive.
One of my frustrations is that I have been on the DSTV viewer's panel fpr a number of years. DSTV is not interested in finding out what I would like to see. Only would I rather see Idols or Survivor, what are the odds of me watching another season of Survivor (or Idols or SA Idols etc.. ) after I have already responded that I don't watch these shows.
I have no idea if the BBC in the UK is anywhere near as good as it was all those years ago. Unfortunately, the exported offerings via Lifestyle and Entertainment have become an insult to the intelligence.
written by Dissol, June 19, 2011
I cannot comment on what the BBC channels are like now in the UK; but friends do tell me that the quality has declined. But there are many good shows, that we do not get (my sister works in the UK TV/film industry). But if one actually analyses the content we get shown on DSTV, and removes all the repeats, and the "how it is made" films. I realise that some people may have an interest in the behind the scenes footage of different films, but I cannot accept it is as large as DSTV seem to think.

I have to admit that the Attenborough programmes make a huge difference, although I may be better off just purchasing all his DVD's.

I wish someone would offer more of a choice; not just different bouquets, but surely we have the technology now where we could select the actual channels we want. I have the "standard" DSTV package, but never watch many of the channels - none of the god-squad channels (obviously!), nor the fashion channel, or most of the music channels. When I watch TV, I tend to surf between BBC & Al Jazeera news, BBC Knowledge, Discovery (but not to watch fat americans bake cakes...), NG, History (although History has gone downhill recently, with all sorts of psychic nonsense), and then a few sports channels, with the occasional House (as long as it is not a repeat!!). But surely there is the technology to offer a range of channels...and we could select individual channels...or not if the content deteriorated...
written by Doolally, June 20, 2011
Never having had a DSTV I am shocked at what they are charging!!! I do have a TOPTV (won a decoder and 6 months subscription) and must say from having no reception at any given time of SABC I am quite pleased with it. I find their choice of movies a bit odd though... Alot of Art Novo type movies, but needless to say enjoyable. I have watched a couple of movies that I would never have watched before as I doubt that SABC would see fit to air them.

Good luck with your war on DSTV, maybe someone on their board of Directors will read your blog and take a hint smilies/grin.gif

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