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Healthy Rich Going To Be Punished!

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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The National Health Scheme...where everyone in this country, illegal immigrant or not, will be able to go to a doctor and demand service for his/her teeth, for his/her broken leg, for his/her cock eye for his/her lower back pain. This sounds wonderful, but do yourself a huge favor and go watch the movie "Sicko"...

Sicko - Micheal Moore

This movie or doccie documents people's lives in different countries and the type of health care they are provided with...sometimes for free. The best to date has to be Canada, where people get rebates for not using their allocated funds for medical purposes. Obviously, Canada chose to fund this scheme through huge taxation on working class people. But then again, Canada is not in Africa, and thus we cannot compare Canada to South Africa.

South Africa, eSickoh:
Now our clever politicians who believe they can do everything under the sun has come up with a way to deliver the under-carpet promise made in's their proposition in simple terms...not even Layman would argue this:

"Everyone, poor and rich, gets free healthcare, we don't stipulate what "healthcare" entails, and we don't stipulate what will happen to people already on private healthcare schemes, for all we care they can stay where they are, but as long as poowah(poor) people get the care they need, we are happy. We will pay for this by demanding...yes, demanding the rich pay for this simply because they are...erm, rich"

Now, if like me you have been an avid political follower, by this I mean can't wait until someone in the ANC opens their mouth, then you'll notice that when things are directed towards people the tone of the ANC gets more aggressive, more hateful, more racist dare I say. That guy that can't talk properly, was all over the radio yesterday quoted as saying something along the lines of, "some would think we should charge this free healthcare onto the taxable amount of working peepol...but we are not, by doing this you are taxing the poowah, the rich must pay for this free healthcare".

Free Healthcare

Live rich, die poowah:
So if you read between the lines, you'll notice what I had noticed...These guys don't know what they are doing. They think that for once that they have given something 10 mins of thought; it should come to pass immediately! But I guess its no secret, ANC and thinking are like Mars and a button on the remote control, no relation whatsoever! Obama was given flack for his stance on this same topic. Now, the ANC, in their infinite wisdom, decides that the rich people, for just being silly rich, you know, just because, must foot the bill if the poowah people can't foot the bill for a broken foot. The rich get away with allot of things in life, but that in my opinion is how the cookie crumbles and how it should crumble. It’s been crumbling like this since the beginning of time! How does one decide who is rich and who are poowah? I know a couple of very wealthy people who like to plead their 809th amendment to declare poverty! And how will the rich foot the bill? Will they be taxed? Or will they be assigned a squatter camp location, and that certain location now belongs to them to look after, medically!


Spit in the face:
This to me seems like a spit in the face of rich people the country over. There are tons of rich people who do way more than the government with regards to giving, not just receiving. How many rich people give to the poowah, how many rich people have charities in their name, just for some government official to come and steal the money? This is against the way of the rich. Don't force them to pay for the poowah, and they won't feel the need to not give...they only give because they are not forced. There is one thing you need to understand about the rich...their money is their money. Not God's money,  or the kids', or the wives' or the company's...its theirs, all theirs! Paying for the wellbeing of the poowah, well, let's just say its not in their budget!

Free Healthcare - free for whom?
If something is free, it’s free for all, except the one giving it out for free. Teach this to all kids now...something that's free has cost someone else something! A free lunch has cost the restaurant resources and time...a free blowjob has cost some girl her childhood and many other things, a free Cellphone has cost all the millions of other Cellphone users incy winsy sums of money that they don't even know they were giving! How can healthcare be free, when the rich are paying? They should say, free healthcare for those who cannot afford. I know teachers cannot afford healthcare, they can't even afford houses. Because they earn too much for government houses, and they earn too little for private houses financed through a bank. would they determine who would qualify for free healthcare? There are so many spin-off's from this scheme should it come to's a couple:

The rich will get richer - I don't know how they just always do.

The poowah will get sicker.

·         The country will increase in numbers as healthy poowah people are happier and happiness always somehow leads to "un-safe sex".

·         The country will get more people from Africa to come over just for the I.D is very easy to get, and I suppose you need this to get free healthcare.

·         There will be serious racial fights because there are also white poowah people, but no one really cares for or about them...not even whites!

·         This is just another ploy for the government to steal money - somehow they will...can' t they use that brain power to do something constructive?

·         Rich people will start killing poowah people as this will save them money in the long run...they have to look out for their own wellbeing.

·         Private hospitals will decline and eventually fade away as something of the past as everyone will plead the 809th to poverty!

·         Public hospitals will be infested with viruses as a multitude of people start rushing to ill-equipped facilities.

·         There will be an influx of students studying towards becoming a doctor...the typical university degree for doctor spans from 6-8 years + experience. This will be lowered by our overwhelmingly clever education minister to 2-4 years with no experience; the exam will be 4 seasons of Scrub and Gray's Anatomy!

·         The switch over from paid to free healthcare will be a disaster - almost 102% guaranteed - our current facilities are in a dismal state, what makes the clever government officials, who themselves have private hospital care, that there will be a difference if the rich pay for facilities?

Health Care spending

This is a sad state of affairs, they are proposing a full roll out by 2021 or 2 but I'm not really sure this is the right thing to do. If I have to pay tax for free healthcare I'd do so. But the facilities will have to be top notch, so too the staff...and I'll have to get my private medical aid contributions back in cash! Healthcare is not free, not for the poor or the rich. It  costs the rich money, and it costs the poor their lives as there will definitely be some fools from Tswane university that wants to patch up your colon...I'm all for moving forward, but moving forward with the ANC driving this ship...hell no!


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written by MikeZilla, September 29, 2010
Is it your position that a rich child has a right to life and poor children should die for lack of services. Further to that our biggest problem in this country are the specialists who flock to SA where they can unregulated by the government charge exorbitant amounts for their services.

Fact OS loves his baby and his wife and will do anything to keep them safe and healthy. OS has medical aid and drives his swank GTI. Should baby OS get ill no biggie.

Fact the lady who washes the OS-mobiles windows also loves her child. should her daughter get ill even a simple infection could be fatal.

Like it or not the rich and poor divide in the country is largely drawn along racial lines for a reason. Rich people made lots of money during apartheid. If we don't address the problems in healthcare we WILL end up in an ungovernable country.

The company I work for has been consulting for the Government on the healthcare issue since it started and I can say it's not some idea that they've just thought up a lot of thought is going into making this a viable system over the long term.

I just get really pissed off by the arrogance of people with money in this country who are scared they won't be able to get their Oakley frames when people are dying in public hospitals.

If we simply reduced the number of medically unnecessary procedures prescribed by specialists and regulated their tarrifs (I'm not saying pay them peanuts, but I know of specialists working a day and a half a week and driving a Porsche) there would be more than enough money to spread around. Look at countries like the UK and you'll see how unglamorous it is to be a doctor and how effecient their health care system is.
written by Dissol, September 29, 2010
After having lived in (and joined the moaning about) a country with a National Health Service...and now living in a country without... I do feel that civilised countries should have a form of public health care. Of course the rich will have to carry the bill...that is the way that taxes work. But it also protects the most vulnerable members of society. There is something to be said for being able to just walk into any doctor's surgery, or hospital, and be treated. I have been appalled and shocked by some of the negative comments coming from opponents to Obama's attempts to drag the US into the 21st century.

Of course, the situation we face in SA is radically different to that experienced in say the UK, and so our system would have to reflect that. But basic health care, like basic education, should be viewed as a basic human right, in any civilised society. They key is to design a system which is not overburdened with bureaucracy - not an easy task.
written by Dissol, September 29, 2010
Mike, you make some powerful points. I don't think necessarily it is about regulating the specialists...but we need to somehow link in to the very latest medical advances. Medical science is moving very quickly, and modern techniques are arriving giving many new methods for treating and curing different ailments. These can give huge savings, if managed right.

I do agree though, that there are a few specialists who are making huge margins, for very little input, and this needs to be looked at.

There are presently some horrific things going on within the SA medical industry. There is a state spinal cord rehab centre in KZN that has a 100% mortality rate after 10 years. Here in the Cape, we had a centre which provided amazing care for spinal cord injuries operating out of terrible facilities (Conradie Hospital), which was closed down, and much of the expertise was lost overseas.
written by Woot, September 29, 2010
The big issue here is that who on Earth could trust the ANC to handle this issue in the correct way, corruption 101. Educate our citizens first get a bigger tax base then think about "free heath care" (decade to late) If they tax the wealthy too much they will leave and there will be more unemployment as they provide allot of employment for the country.
I'd say this is a bad call to make by the ANC very bad - most people cant afford to foot another 1k+ per month for someone else's healthcare - it would be different if it was a quality healthcare but we all know that, that wont happen.

The ANC need to chill with the crack pipe and get their act into gear fast.
written by barrmar, September 29, 2010
Unfortunately, there is much corruption in government departments, but most of these are still fairly functional. Some departments (SARS in particular) has improved dramatically in the last few years.
We have managed some things very well: the Fifa World Cup for one. Many people predicted disaster, and that the cup would mover to Australia.
The Gautrain is another one - it would never be completed, and no-one would travel on it. The same complainers are the ones travelling on it.
I lived in the UK where I used the National Health Service. It did leave a lot to be desired, but at least it was there when you needed it. It has since deteriorated even more. From what I have heard, the Australians have the world's best National Health System.
Over here - it could be done. The tenderpreneurs have to be kept out though.
written by AbortRetryFail, September 30, 2010
So what gets covered by the NHI? Will EVERYONE now be able to buy Oakly or Police or whatever specs 'cause they have bad eyesight? How about plastic surgery 'cause a woman's boobs are previously disadvantaged and now has to be rightsized? NHI may work if the list of "stuff" covered is clearly defined or else it will get abused. In addition, if the "rich" need to pay for it...every polititican and crony is rich and NOT from apartheid times but from ANC times, pre1994. There are more "new" rich than leftover "old" rich but do any of those new rich pay taxes? not likely... Also, if you get a r2 000 000 salary how dare you ask for free anything? There should be a cutoff that states "you're too rich to get it free". In addition, in countries with NHI there are NOT just 10% of the population paying taxes and there is much less corruption or outright waste/theft which means NHI is "affordable". Also, as mentioned even by the Minister of health and other professionals our medical "stuff" sucks bigtime. Not enough doctors, terribly outdated equipment... non of this can even support the CURRENT patient load, how would adding millions more be successfull? First fix the mess to current needs, THEN expand.

From another angle, stop importing medical staff because "you" the state/anc/government actively force/chase LOCAL doctors away. Local is lekka and better, then at least the doctors and patients can talk to eachother without having to also employ interpreters?

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