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Happy retail event!!! Not!!!

Posted by: DBS


Maybe we are gullible. Well some maybe. I have been at times swept up in the whirlwind of "you must do it!!!!!" so maybe at times we all are. For years though I have detested the marketing that the FMCG industry goes through to make us feel guilty that we are not participating in their event. They pull on our heartstrings at every opposrtunity, they make us feel guilty for not participating and then, suckered at last we part with even more cash than we should do just to get a ticket to the game.Lets start in January and look at the calendar year from an FMCG perspective.

January: New year push the back to school goodies. Push the cards for those starting school for the first time. Get ready for February because we want to get your mush needed January paycheck spent before-

February: Valentines day on the 14th pile on the mush stuff and charge ridiculous amounts for chocolates and flowers not to mention a piece of A4 card complete with mushy stuff that should be daily endearments

March/April: An interesting combination as Easter is a fabulous event because of its variability. It is defined in the non Greek Orthodox world as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox which in layman's terms means the earliest it can be is 22nd March and the latest around the 20th April. So flog the cheap chocolate as a must have item for the kids still buzzing on the chocolate from Christmas past that have expired . My money says that Jesus never even tasted it.

May: Who can ignore her the, the Mum we all had. Some may never have known her but that shouldn't stop us participating and finding someone who played the mum role. So roll out the gift you really didn't budget for along with ,yes you got it an overpriced piece of A4 cardboard. Did you hear the Brazilian rain forest come crashing down?

June: There must be some refief in sight but wait there's more!! Its father's day!! A great excuse to be forced to buy the old man a 6 pack of even more expensive than usual imported beer or if you have it a few thousand for a bottle of Blue Label Whisky (normal price R2500 special for you R3500) not to mention another Rainforest.

July: Relief in sight. Nothing much on the go here except this year we are in the middle of the 2010 Soccer World Cup so expect general price increases from around May and if there is a slightest whiff of tourist revenue i.e restaurants, transport, entertainment replace the "R" with "$" and process accordingly.

August: Well here we have Women's day. nothing too much on the pocket paper wise but August is also strike season so expect if you use public transport or make use of public services that you may have to pay more for a private company to do. Eskom price increase usually bites here as do rates, sewerage and water increases.

September: The winter is finally over so let's celebrate with Spring day and cough out more dosh for overpriced flowers not in season and probably flown in because they know we will pay for them.

October: Exams are approaching so lets get the Good Luck cards prominent on the shelves and don't forget IT is nearly here.

November: Christmas is only 50 something days away so get your cards early, get your presents now while the best choice is available spend spend spend.

December: fight the queues and people in you unfavourite shopping mall having parked miles away from where you usually do to queue incessantly to buy a poor selectin of presents and food that will see you gain the weight you lost in the last 11 months and more. Buy some more chocolates in reserve to use as gifts when invited to friends you didn't know during the year invite you to their festivities. That is of course if you hven't taken the more expensive than usual break to the coast with its slower than usual traffic, toll fees and restaurants that rely on you being there for them to make a profit as the rest of the year just pays the costs. Add on of course another Brazilian Rain Forest or two and bingo! Its January!

Write down some resolutions no its really only one.


ps super trivialities like Boss's and secretary's days excluded from the list above not because they are important but because I can't remember when they are !

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written by Dissol, February 10, 2010
I could not agree more!!! I detest this manufactured nonsense, that we should all send cards to one another at specific events...
written by redsaid, February 10, 2010
Mr. Mark Hall asked me (in a "Thank You In Advance For Doing The Favour I'm About To Ask You" card, of course) to tell you that he is not happy with this particular blog post of yours. smilies/wink.gif

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