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Happy 70th Birthday to Prof. Stephen Hawking

Posted by: Dissol

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Firstly, why am I posting this in the "Digital" Section, and why am I posting this early (by 4 days) as his actual 70th birthday is on 8th January 2012?

I shall answer these, which should explain my motives.  Professor Hawking deserves to be in the digital section as he has led a "digital" life, since he was first diagnoses as having motor neurone disease back when he was 21.  Initially he was told he would not survive for longer than 2 or 3 years.  He proved that wrong!  But he has been reliant on technology since then to allow him to live, work, speak, write, etc.  Everyone know his "accent"!!  Actually it is an early DECTalk DTC01, which is no longer in production.  But he sticks with it as he identifies with the accent now!  He manages to control all his various devices, merely by using his cheek, as he has very little motor control elsewhere.  His work relys on the latest digital advances, which can be seen in the following video introducing the new COSMOS computer.



I have used this opportunity to wish him an early 70th Birthday so you can all watch the webcast on his birthday.  I wish I could have made the symposium...

He has represents an incredible inspiration to many people, not just me.  As a person with a disability, he has achieved so much, not just in his work, but he has travelled to the South Pole, he has experienced Zero Gravity.  His view on life is to "seek the greatest value of our action".

Happy (early) Birthday, Professor, and I hope you have many more to come!



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written by sgb, January 05, 2012
A great man not to have succumbed to his disease, instead being able to focus on what life has to offer.

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