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Handbrake fried my computer

Posted by: EgbertFly

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So in an effort to convert my AVI’s to a format that I would be able to view on my iPod, I turned to a free piece of software that I had read about right here on myDL.  The software in question was called Handbrake.

My computer at home is a piece of hardware that I am particularly proud of.  It currently runs Windows 7, has the optimal amount of ram, a monster of a processor as well as a great video card.  It also has what I perceive to be adequate cooling.

So picture the scene.  It is a Saturday afternoon.  I had the pleasure of a day at home, with no pressing appointments to attend to.

I started the conversion of an old movie that I like to watch regularly, and then added three more movies to the queue.  I then decided to go for a swim.  After my swim, I came inside and had a look at the screen of my computer.  It was blank.  I attributed this to the fact that the power scheme on my computer was standard and that it had shut down the screen.  So in an attempt to revive the screen, I wiggled the mouse.  No such luck.  It pressed keys on the keyboard, wiggle the mouse, but no response.  So I had to shut down the box and try again.  I started the Handbrake process again, but only with a single file to be converted.  As I watched, my computer froze and the screen went black.  This was a true BSD (Black Screen of Death).  At this point I was puzzled.  Why would one simple piece of software cause my computer to die?  Any attempts to restart my computer at this point were futile, it simply refused.

I left it alone for a day or two, fearing the worst.  Then I turned it on.  All worked fine, or so I thought.  At this point I was still running Windows XP.  Slowly but surely little things kept on bugging me, to the point where I decided to change the operating system.  Windows 7 here we come.  Copy of all data, format the primary and reinstall.  Get updated rivers, reinstall all software and off we go.

So then I decided to try Handbrake again.  Just out of curiosity I looked to see what the impact was on the resources of my computer.  It ran all four cores of my computer at about ninety nine percent constantly.  I was amazed.  This explained the BSD that I had received the previous weekend.

So now when I run Handbrake, I do so with only one file at a time.  Putting files in a queue tends to do things to my computer that I only imagined.

I have tried to get my processor back up to the same point by doing other things.  I have tried running five virtual machines all running at full tilt, but the processor handles the job with ease.

It is Handbrake and Handbrake alone that has managed to cause my computer to fail.

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written by Jas, March 12, 2010
Clearly badly written code on their behalf, otherwise it could be that it's trying to execute tasks in parallel. You do realise that VLC is able to output to a variety of file formats, and that there are other applications you could try and use other than Handbreak.

That it's causing your computer to freeze or BSOD (as you mentioned it happened while you were using it with Windows XP first) would seem to suggest that they've messed up somewhere with their code. Probably best to just not use it!
written by Kindred, March 15, 2010
You should be able to convert avis to mp4 using itunes.

I have never actually seen handbrake do that to a machine to be honest. My brother uses it religiously to alter video files. Mind you he is doing it on a mac.

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