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Grr - modern technology is mort

Posted by: Wizard

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What a week! One disaster after another, last Thursday digger driver on a building site near here decided to attack the ‘snake’ he saw down a hole; now you may know that snakes in a freshly dug three meter deep holes are not a usual sight and would stop and look at it. But, no, he attacked it with gusto and suddenly about two thousand homes/businesses were without telephones/fax/internet.

How do you complain to telecom when you have no phone/fax/internet – use your mobile – right! First of the published number for reporting a breakdown does not work from mobiles. Secondly my mobile phone is basic – it can only let me talk to people – no fancy gadgets like email or web browsers. Thirdly – use a payphone – there aren’t any! They have either been vandalised or taken away due to lack of use.

So they had to install a new telephone cable from the exchange to  another hole in the road near me, this took a couple of days and then we were back on the phone – just – customers could phone us but we could not phone out! Normal service was resumed yesterday but still no fax line, which should be done today. Internet is slow and I would now have a weeks worth of emails to wade through but I can get at them from home so have been dealing with them in the morning before going to work.

Oh woe is me.

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