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Growing rivalry between Google and Apple

Posted by: ShackledMuse

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Google/Apple Rivalry:

In 2007 Google and Apple were big buddies, but it seems lately there's no love lost between the two companies.

According to BBC News, Google attacked Apple's decision to ban third-party ad networks (like AdMob) from "collecting ad performance data on iPhone and iPad." iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad developers must agree to terms and conditions stating that it Ad analytics is prohibited unless it is provided by independant ad service providers. That means that an ad service provider (like AdMob) who is owned by developer/distibutor of mobile operating systems (like Google, apparently) would not qualify. So no more AdMob and Google's other advertising solutions for iPhones.

Keep in mind that Google bought AdMob for approximately $750 million, from Apple. I can see why Google is pissed.

According to AdMob, the number of Apple mobile devices -- iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad -- that reached its network in April outnumbered those powered by Google's Android platform by more than 3.5 to 1. Of all the ad requests it served in April, nearly 32% went to iPhones and iPod Touches.


Methinks this is all just a clever ploy by Apple to fill their pockets (even more) up quickly, especially with iAd set to be launched July. I don't see how banning possible affiliates is going to help, although we're talking about Apple here, I'm sure they have strategy up their sleeve...

The irony is, that even with all this hatred in the air, Google is still the default search engine on the iPhone….

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