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Greplin: Making your social network life, Searchable

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If you're over-immersed in social media, with Twitter, Facebook, emails and calendars, and you struggle to find that one bit of information that someone mentioned to you - but you don't know who, or where, you'll find Greplin stupidly useful.

Greplin is a social search bar which integrates into Google Chrome and lets you search your Twitter stream, Facebook, LinkedIn, DropBox, Gmail, Google Contacts (bringing your address book to your fingertips), Google Documents and Google Calendar accounts. 

Activating the toolbar is as easy as hitting g+spacebar in search, and results populate very quickly, with aggregated results and great summaries. Results also load in the address bar, making searches faster.

It is an incredibly powerful, understated and elegant piece of functionality which fits in almost seamlessly with Google Chrome, and absolutely worth signing up for.

iPhone and Android users can point their phone browsers to greplin.com to access this functionality on the go

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