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Great free photo-tool for bloggers

Posted by: YunaMonos



Citrify is a new kid on the block that makes touching up and resizing your blogging photos a breeze. The cherry on top, is that it is online and free. Many expensive imaging software companies can learn a thing or two from this tiny start-up, when it comes to ease of use and clutter reduction.

Citrify does what it says it can do without taking ages to load, forcing you to install third party plug-ins or falling over every so often. It is Flash-based which means that most of the online community can use it without worrying what operating system or browser they are using. 

All the editing and resizing happens online, without first having to upload the image. You simply identify the file on your hard disk or memory stick, edit and save. This makes Citrify ideal for travelers who use slow connections, third party machines or laptops not suited to having resource intensive imaging software installed.

Citrify offers a basic free tool and a premium tool for which they charge a once-off fee.  To support the developers I would pay the fee, but the basic interface would suffice for most users. It allows red-eye correction, blemish correction, exposure correction and a host of other handy features.

The interface uses sliders for resizing and touching up pictures, eliminating the need for you to guess the pixel size of the image you want. You can even add special effects like sepia tones and black and white. Mistakes are easily corrected as the software has a multi-step undo memory and all the effects appear in real time so you can immediately see whether or not you like what you are doing.

The two person Canadian team, responsible for Citrify, also has some interesting insights into how they managed to increase their site traffic to 35 thousand within a month, with no startup capital. I for one wish them luck. This is a great tool.

Try Citrify, and let me know what you think.  

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written by OS GIKEN, April 19, 2010
The issue I have with photo editing softwares are that you cannot just start editing have to know what you're doing, and I don't.smilies/cool.gif
The Source
written by The Source, April 19, 2010
I prefer apps like Gimp or which is both Free apps with the advantage being that you can work offline.

I don't really see myself going online just to edit an image using a web based tool in SA.

Like the article about their marketing. Not a unique approach but it does show the power bloggers have online to promote products and services
written by barrmar, April 20, 2010
I have used web-based tools over my 4Mb ADSL line without a problem. The Cell broad band offerings are not really adequate for that, even though they claim to be faster.
I have become increasingly accustomed to being able to work wherever I am on whatever machine I am using. Working on the cloud, so to speak.
Thanks for the review. Citrify won't replace the 'serious' photo applications like Gimp or Photoshop or PaintShop Pro, but it is great when you need to edit a picture quickly.

OS - you don't need to know anything to use this. Just click the link and start editing. It is as simple as that.
written by Nita, April 20, 2010
Sounds interesting. I think it is something that travellers can really use. I also prefer to use a offline tool, but can see where this is applicable.
written by YunaMonos, April 21, 2010
Many people are not familiar with the variety of available off-line tools. They also don't come standard with any operating system I know of, unless as a PC user, you want to use MS Paint. Personally I would rather chew off both my hands. :-)

Netbook users would be loath to install resource heavy software, so this is a good option for them and it works on Apple, Unix, Linux and PC, because the interface is Flash based.

@ OS GIKEN - The beauty (for me) of Citrify is that it requires absolutely no skills, and anyone can use it.

Where speed is concerned, I have tested Citrify on wireless, ADSL and 3G connections across a number of service providers and it has worked fine. Although currently 3G connections in this country have plenty to answer for and so does Neotel.

P.S. For high-end users this kind of tool will never replace off-line software, just like GIMP will always be second choice to someone who can afford Photoshop. But it in the world of online tools this is the best I have come across.

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