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Goodbye Open-Source

Posted by: Faheemazizm

Tagged in: Windows , OS , Open-Source , Linux , IOS , android


When I was younger, the idea of Open-Source and free intrigued me, however after much usage and exposure, the truth is, while the idea just like Communism stands for the greated good and better of man, in practice it fails, it fails so bad.

Around 4 years ago I had my first introduction with Linux, beginning with Fedora, whilst the experience was exhilirating I had heard Linux was a Desktop OS associated with hacking and so on, but in truth it takes more than just to install it to hack, nevertheless Open-Source still seemed to be a strong way to move, so i trudged on through this, Fedora ended up a terrible first choice as a Linux Distro, so like many others I swapped over to Ubuntu, at first it was great, applications easily accessible, everything free, no virus hastle and so much more, but with the release of Windows 7, the concept of “computer viruses” seemed to die off, you’d have to do something pretty stupid to infect a Windows 7 PC.

While Ubuntu was the most pleasing of all Linux Distro’s, once installed on my personal laptop, was totally useless, at the time driver issues were so plauging that I eventually gave up, now years later my Dell suffers the same fate, seriously what exactly is the point of developing an entire OS with over 1000 applications if you can’t even get Wi-Fi drivers to work out of the box, the proccess to make them work took me atleast an hour, total waste of time I might as soon as I had completed one task I realised my damn touchpad didnt work either, aparently their are still “issues”.

Maybe it’s just me, but like everything else in life, the only way something is done properly in life is if theirs profit incentive, Open-Source relies on Communites who are not new to the OS or companies using the OS as a testing ground to see if they can create a new platform OS that will work better than Windows or Mac as to compete, thus they don’t realise the problems the common user has to face to just get the thing working.

Recently alot of speculation on Google’s android has been creating a stir, battle of the Mobile OS they call it, to be honest after seeing an Andorids battery life and functionality, the only thing I can conclude that like many Open-Source Linux OS’s, Android is made by the maker, for the maker, wheras Apple iOS etc is made by them for the user, time to face facts the only thing that Android can boast about is that dumb green robot, other than that, screw Open-Source.

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