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Gone Phishing

Posted by: barrmar


I receive dozens of phishing attacks daily for every bank under the sun. 

Below is one that I received today: 


Due to the recent Malware and Phishing attacks encountered by our customers, First National Bank has made it mandatory
to all Customers to download the Rapport Software that will help fight against it.

Our system shows that you have not downloaded the latest version of this software that was introduced on 08-11-2010. 
It is your responsibility to protect your account by installing this new patch as a precautionary measure.

If you do not log on to download this software now, Firs national bank will not be liable for any theft that may occur on your account.

Click here to download the Rapport software immediately.

First National Bank

Of course this is exactly the same as all of the other phishing attacks. The only difference is that this one cCelp protect you against phishing. For a moment, I was almost fooled. The mail purports to originate from what looks like a genuine FNB email address:

It is not hard to see how a customer of one of the banks was recently robbed of R30,000! 


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