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God, the devil and a bacon sandwich

Posted by: tally

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Have noticed everyone seems to be writing about the devil. Don't know if it's coincidence, a big argument or some kind of party and I wasn't invited. Either way, I'm going to gatecrash :D.

When I was going through those particularly troubling years called adolescence there was a lot I was unsure about. My friends, my future, my self... top of the list, however, was God.

So one day I decided to test God in the way that the Bible and various other holy books tell you never to do. I said to him, knowing full well that there was no bacon in the house and we had no bread and were not leaving the house that day, "If I have a bacon sandwich by the end of today, I will believe you exist."

I then put that out of my head for a few hours and carried on with less angst-ridden stuff (such as reading magazines, listening to hard core music and painting my nails bright colours). Some time later my mom came into my room and asked, "would you like a cheese role? I could even put it into the oven for you?" That sounded good to me. She left the room and then almost immediately turned around again and said over her shoulder "ooooh I think we still have some bacon bits! I could sprinkle some of those on for you!"

My jaw dropped.

Since that day I have tip-toed around the concept of religion. I don't follow anything specific, but I do believe that there is some higher power and that higher power has a sense of humour.

The Jewish influences in my life think God is very strict... like the kind of father who will bend you over His knee when you misbehave. Like Job or Jonnah, if you dare challenge him you'd better kiss your arse goodbye.

The Christian influences in my life think God is a daddy. The kind of dad who's *also* your best friend. You can basically say or do anything just as long as you tell him. And he will show you The Way.

Both of these representations, to me, reflect eras more than they reflect a cosmic being. The kind of leaders we wanted used to be tough and strong and willing to punish in order to ensure loyalty. Now we want heros, as salambander said in a post a little while ago, who can walk on water and offer cuddles at the appropriate times. To me God is a whole lot less human than either of these options.

True, man is supposedly made in God's image... but I don't think that means that He is prone to faults like jealousy and temper tantrums. Personally, I think "God" is something we can't really comprehend in any terms - scientific or humanistic. So we make Him human in our minds.

My dad once said, in a drunken rant of glee and happiness with the world, that the most amazing thing God gave us was a sense of humour. What is humour? You can't really explain it... and yet it brings us so much joy. The same is true for feelings like love. You can't see them or touch them but you know for certain they are there. And I suppose my view of God is that. Just this thing that we can't really explain and we don't really know much about but that gently guides our everyday lives through ways we sometimes don't even notice. It's not a person, or even a disembodied personality... but more, I suppose, a force? Not to be confused with the Star Wars Force although I suppose not dissimilar either. Just a kind of binding agent of the universe, a consciousness, a balance.

So when I refer to God I don't think of a king on a throne, or some grey-haired old man... I think of the universe at large. Everything positioned in relation to everything else. That's why I call that thing I believe in The Universe.

And apparently The Universe, in this day and age, is not so disapproving of bacon.

As for the devil, well jury's still out. I kind of feel that if I say I don't believe the devil exists it's like a challenge... which doesn't really mean I do believe it exits, it just means that I don't want to :P Would I be lynched if I said I believed that it was possible that both God and the devil were sides of the same coin? The same cosmic consciousness? And that it's all about balance... whenever something bad is done something good must be done to right it, no? And it works in reverse too. Evil exists as the counter-balance of good. War to counter peace. Light to counter dark. Everything, although not appearing to our small human eyes, in harmony...
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written by original cin, August 20, 2008
written by Aratus, August 21, 2008
Nice one!

Perhaps you can disregard the Jewish influence in your life after all it was a bacon sandwich smilies/smiley.gif

If the sandwich was not a coincidence then how do you come to "God the impersonal universe" conclusion? I mean the universe doesn't seem to care about anything else.

I don't think it's all about the balance between good and evil. One might as well call Shabir Sheik balanced in his participation of both good and evil.
Darkness, like evil, does not exist; not strictly anyway. Darkness is merely the absence of Light, just like evil is merely the absence of good. If they are competing it's by no means a fair contest... it only takes a cellphone or a match to dispel the darkness in a whole room.
They don't balance eachother, I cannot accept the yin / yang Buddhist theory, it's just not what we observe.

Nice article though. I like the storyline and the humour!
I think that the Americans take themselves so seriously because they leave a "u" our of humour.
written by OS GIKEN, August 21, 2008
I don't know about the whole universe issue. To me its just what you believe, I am done with trying to convince people. Because I go by what I perceive to be GOD and what the book tells me, and I can relate to the book, because OD works in mysterious ways, and HE is above human understanding. So, perhaps we were not meant to understand. Still, what you feel and believe, sorry to tell you, that is where it begins, call me once you have gotten that urge or feeling that now you know exactly what is meant by GOD, because a true believer in GOD cannot explain, but started out trying to explain, am I explaining it right? :grin GOD bless you with more bacon
written by gonzobabe, August 22, 2008
too much stuff about the "devil" is religious terrorism, meant to put the fear into you. Not a harmonious way of connecting with the universe, and when preached to kids, it's causes unnecessary fear and anxiety.

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