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GLEE: Audio Branding and Pop Sponsoring

Posted by: Phoenix Benedict

Phoenix Benedict



In no other television series is the power of skilful sound usage (music performance, pop sponsoring via rearranged pop culture hits, as well as authentic audio branding) so prevalent as in the hit US TV series, GLEE.


From Lady Gaga to Queen, the sound of music has taken on a fresh appeal with pop culture participants – both young and old.


Besides the fabulous rearrangements of pop culture songs in terms of vocal proficiency, and über-professional performances, the actual audio branding for the series is also thoughtful and spot-on: a synthesised vox ensemble, a school bell and here and there a solo piano – the meaning of which is creating a specific milieu setting together with a unique take on secondary school vocal groups.


The Synth Vox timbe itself is enough to initiate the GLEE identity purely by sound, i.e. as a sonic signifier.


Great audio branding!

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