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Get paid to do surveys

Posted by: riiaan


Get paid to do online surveys

There are people that will pay you to do surveys. Nothing funny about it, they are doing market research and they need people to interview and they will pay you for your time and opinion.


However, the rewards are small, doing online surveys will not bump you up a tax bracket. So why would you join a survey site? It is for people like me, plastered in front of a computer for two thirds of my natural life. I am in front of the computer when an opportunity pops up to make a few buckers, why not take it?


Before you get started doing online surveys it is important to know that the ‘paid surveys’ thing has gotten a bad name because there are a lot of scammers online. While some sites are just plain scams other sites make outrages claims they can’t deliver on. The best claim I saw was “make R50 000 a month” by doing surveys. They claim that by sitting on your ass with your finger up your nose you can make as much as a CEO? Highly unlikely. Remember the number one rule on the internet – “If it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true.”


So, before you join any survey website, quickly Google them to see what the world has to say about them.



Here are some of the pretend-pretend sites to avoid:


Not quite a scam, but I would say AVOID - They charge you $69 to get started. (69?! maybe it’s a hint you are about to get screwed).


For your 69 bucks all you get is links to sites that pay you to do surveys. They also give you links to some other work from home bullshit like, ‘Ebay success’, ‘Google adds’, etc.

There are tons of sites that will give you those links for free. Sixty niner indeed.


There are a bunch of other sites that will pay you to do surveys but you have to pay to register. I say fuck’em. There are loads of others sites where you don’t have to pay to get started. Join them.

Next week I will share a list of legitimate sites that will actually pay you to do surveys.

You can find me on twitter: @riiaan79
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written by Mistressofspice, January 13, 2012
interesting Riaan,

just like you ,2/3's of my life spent infront of an electornic gadget linked to the net smilies/grin.gif

why not?
written by riiaan, January 16, 2012
Cool smilies/smiley.gif i hope you make some money!

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