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Get paid to do surveys. Part 2.

Posted by: riiaan

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Last week I wrote about online surveys. Companies that have to do market research are willing to pay you for your time and opinion. Unfortunately, there are many sites out there that are scams. I made a sort list of things to look for when you want to join a survey website. If you see any of these things there is a possibility that they might be scams and it is highly recommended that you avoid them.


This week I will publish a list of sites that are not scams. I have personally been a member on these sites for a year or two and have received money from them.



Tell Us About It

A South African site. Not only is it good to support a South African initiative, they will pay your reward into your bank account. Most overseas sites will only pay into a PayPal account.


Survey Head

They are legitimate and once you reached the payout threshold of $25 they will pay the money into your PayPal account. However, the support here is nonexistent. I have mailed them with questions a few times and they have never answered any of them.


Global Test Market

Global Test Market is the best survey site. You get a decent number of surveys from them and if you do have questions they get answered. On your dashboard you get a full rundown of all the surveys you have done and how much you still have to do to get a payout. Depending on the Rand / Dollar exchange rate you get about R300 per payout from them.


Dishonorable mention:
I joined them in August 2008 and have not received a single survey from them. I expect more from a South African site! Lazy bums.

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written by sgb, January 17, 2012
For some reason I cannot get onto Global Test Market. I have filled in my details numerous times, but have never received the activation email. Maybe they have someting against my birth date, or against vodamail??
written by riiaan, January 18, 2012
I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble...
If you go their contact page they have a specific section to help people that are having trouble with the registration process.

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