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Game Review: Pure Football for Xbox 360

Posted by: MJK

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The 2010 Soccer World Cup* is mere days away, and the excitement is building. Shops throughout South Africa are slapping vuvuzelas onto display mannequins and Motorists are sticking flags onto their car aerials, in the hopes of showing their patriotism and also disrupt the clarity when Justin Bieber is played. Kick off specials and Free Soccer balls are the result of most marketers uniting against creativity as each outlet tries to cash in, with most hoping that Fifa do not sue them for copyright infringement.

But it isnt only Makro and Pick and Pay who are trying to cash in on the fervour (and rampant consumerism) that this global spectacle brings, entertainment companies are also vying for your buck. Fifa's official game is astounding when it comes to production values, gaming options and 'experience of the world cup'. Ubisofts game however, feels like it was developed by the guys who make  those Leisure suit Larry games. The moment you play it you realise that these people have no idea what soccer is about, just like how the Larry guys never get laid.

Gameplay is the one aspect that can make or break a game (regardless of how pretty it is) and gameplay in Pure Football is both frustrating and illogical. Ubisoft have employed a timing meter into their shots and crosses which make you concentrate more on that than on playing. Everything is built on this dynamic, and as such, the most fun Ive had is when I ejected the disc to play Fifa Street instead.

The graphics are equally poor, which is surprising coming from a studio known for its high end graphics in games like Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed. I think thats what makes it burn even more. I guess if it was some two man studio over in Benoni then its ok. But I expect more from the guys who gave me Rainbow Six.

Pure Football's career mode can be likened to Fifa's 'Be a Pro' mode, as much as a disease ridden horse could be likened to a Lamborghini. It starts with a weak Create a Player customisation feature which reminds me of the basic Create A Wrestler from the first Smackdown game on psone.

I could pick on the lack of teams, or how the 'Legends' like Cantona and Pele dont mean much when they handle exactly the same as Scotlands reserves, or how you could score from half way inside your own side but the fact is that im actually disappointed because of the Potential this title had.

Pure Football? More like Pure crap.


*Trademark of Fifa (please dont sue me)

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written by riiaan, June 07, 2010
thanks for the heads up... I will stay away from this one them smilies/smiley.gif

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