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Gadget hit (or near miss) list

Posted by: redsaid



It’s officially...uuhhmm... official: I’m a killer.

Not a MAN killer (or whatever the female equivalent of a lady killer is then), but something far FAR worse.

I slaughter gadgets.

*Hangs head in mortification*

Actually, since my deeds are never coolly premeditated or intentional, I’m more of a manslaughterer.

Here then is a hit (or near miss) list of electronic devices that I have managed to destroy either completely or partially over the past year:

My Acer TravelMate 5520 notebook. Who knew that you can’t work it like a souped up gaming desktop? Luckily the damage was not lasting. And it had the decency to nearly expire while still under warranty, so I could still get it repaired free of charge. I’m much kinder to it now, and turn it off for at least 45 minutes per week so that it can recuperate.

My ancie... VINTAGE... BlackBerry Pearl 8100. Remember this ever-so-quaint, sweet little Berry? Yes, I have (had?) one. Last night the trackball (remember those?) fell out for what I suspect really WAS the very last time. At my local cellular repair shop, they don't even want to try and put it back together for me anymore! Heartless bunch, they are...

My less vintage but still rather dated BiBi. Its near-death experience was reported in gory details here. On Sunday, I nearly lost it again when it froze during a video upload and then proceeded to give me the dreaded Error 552 message... Google it, because it is simply too awful for me to tell you about it.

Then there was the Kodak EasyShare that decided to inject new meaning into the phrase “freeze frame” when it too, just froze on me. (Is someone trying to tell me something?) It wasn’t cool at all, though, since I was on my first overseas trip in AGES when it happened.  Luckily it too had the decency to bow out while still under warranty. Retailer Game came back with the solemn news that, unlike the Acer, this one was beyond repair... They’re sending me a store voucher.  

As for what I will buy with the voucher? I am not sure, because what I need has not been created yet: a completely indestructible, unbreakable gadget.

So I think I’ll just use the voucher to buy a few Christmas presents instead.


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written by Nita, November 03, 2011
Reading the heading and first couple of line I almost thought you went at the technology with a hammer... smilies/smiley.gif
written by redsaid, November 04, 2011
Nita, considering the severity of the amount of damage I inflict, I might as WELL take a hammer to it!

I really should stay clear from gadgets... but oh, how CAN one? They are so pretty, shiny, filled with irresistible buttons and that humming sounds they make... What? WhadoyouMEAN they're not supposed to be making that noise?!? smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Nita, November 04, 2011

I think the hammer idea is nice. Can I use it on my colleagues as well?

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