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Free web analytics

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

As a website owner you might want to see how many visitors and page views your site receives at some stage.

Most people make use of Google Analytics, which is a great system. Others refer to Alexa to get a broader view of what is happening with their site traffic.

Today I discovered what you can call a a combined system of sorts. is a free online tools that provides you with:

a) Website traffic stats

b) Site analytics

c) Google and Alexa information

d) A host of other interesting and useful stuff

Knowing what the trends are on your website is a very important aspect of maintaining a website.

Let's consider keywords.

Reports on keywords will actually give you a good indication as to what content is catching peoples attention on search engines and driving them to come and view your site. Needless to say on myDL over 90% of our keywords are technology related.

Sport blogs might have the words rugby, tennis or soccer as main keywords whilst an event planner might have keywords like "events, weddings, organize".

Knowing what the top traffic drivers are on your site could make you a better blogger in the long term. You simply concentrate on topics and content that would include those keywords and work with keywords that are related to them.

Searched Content

It is almost like creating content the way you search.

I was looking for software to turn my BlackBerry into a webcam, so in Google my search would be "BlackBerry Webcam Software". The top article returned all had those 3 keywords in:

a) The title of the article

b) the first 25 to 50 words of the article

Now the creators of these articles did not have the software I was looking for, but they did guide me into the right direction by providing me with  a name for software X that does do what I need - more or less.

In future I might search for Product X which was mentioned in the articles and the two keyword would compliment one another, thus providing the website with another visit by me. I might not remember the website URL but I would search for "blackberry, software x" and still get the same results.

So whether you use Google Analytics or, it is always beneficial when building a blog focused on traffic generation.

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written by RIC007GP, September 03, 2010
Very interesting stuff. Do the tags we put into our posts reach the search engines. If someone was to, for example, Google "traffic keywords" would your post come up in the search?
The Source
written by The Source, September 03, 2010
Yes, the tags you insert into your blogs posting count as keyword tags.

They are entered into the Meta fields and also gets pinged to Technoratti

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