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Free Laptops for Kids



Businesses worldwide support worthy causes as a means of marketing.  The challenge is to draw attention, ensuring a captive audience.  It is no longer about making a mediocre social impact or simply to get into the newspaper for free...  you have to stun and engage.  The key to success is to get people talking about your company and to involve your community.  Thereby establishing a long term relationship that is beneficial to the business, the target market and the charity chosen.


Supporting local charities is always a safe option.  Although donating food and clothes remain commendable it is what everyone else has been doing for years.  A short term solution to a long term problem.  Let’s call it “soul soothing”.  Be honest, how many charities do you actually support and find interesting enough to actually commit yourself to it for an extended period of time?  Perhaps being involved in a project such as “One Laptop Per Child”(OLPC) is an initiative that will get the attention you seek.  Differentiating you  from your peers.  A newspaper headline mentioning “Free Laptops” would draw many readers in.  Imagine the reaction!  Your community will be buzzing about the pro’s and cons of your initiative.  The word would spread like wildfire...  Ladies and gentlemen we have a debate!  Your project and your company would receive the attention is deserves.  A great success.


Why Laptops?  The argument could be raised that children can’t eat their laptop.  Agreed?  It is a valid protest but that old saying of teaching a man to fish comes to mind.  “OLPC is not just a laptop project, it is an education project”.  Their mission statement explains that their goal is to empower children to learn.  Through the project they hope make the world a better place by making education a priority – not a privilege.  Our society may have developed in leaps and bounds in certain areas but in this particular arena we are still in the dark ages.  Education remains distinguishing factor between the rich and the poor.


The founder, Nicholas Negroponte, saw first hand how connected laptops changed the lives of children and their families.  He thought of the consequences if every child in the world had access to a connected computer, educating them and unleashing their unlimited potential.  Giving children the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty by creating a most valuable resource:  educated, empowered children.  To facilitate this mammoth task the XO Laptop was created.  The machine was designed for learning.  It was put through its paces amongst the poorest and most remote populations on earth.  What makes it unique is that it was designed in such a way that it is not just a window to the world but a highly programmable tool which taps into and develops creative and problem solving skills.


If you would like to support this project but lack the funds to make a monetary contribution there are various ways to do so.  Help as a volunteer, translator, software developer or provide much needed IT Support.  If that seems a bit out of your league distribute a couple of flyers at a local event and enthuse your community.  Or you could simply spread the word.


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written by Doolally, September 21, 2010
You should sell this Idea to the goverment!

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