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Find Your Royal Wedding Fix

Posted by: iExperience


The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine (better known as Kate) Middleton is just around the corner. As the Westminster Abbey ceremony on Friday 29 April looms closer, people all over the world are making sure they get involved as well.


Westminster Abbey, the location for the Royal Wedding ceremony. Photographed by vgm8383, courtesy of Flickr.


It’s pretty easy to follow on TV with nearly all news networks running live and uninterrupted broadcasts. BBC, CNN and Sky News channels will be airing events from 9 a.m. GMT (10 a.m. BST, 2.a.m. PT, 5 a.m. ET). But for all the fans who can’t afford to take a day off work on Friday to watch it on TV, do not fear.


Watch the Royal Wedding on TV if you are at home. Photographed by dgies, courtesy of Flickr.


Thanks to the Internet and the cyberculture which has developed as a result, there are many more avenues which you can explore to get the latest, hottest news about the proceedings as they happen. Unlike previous royal weddings, you can also become more involved in the wedding itself, even if you are stuck behind your desk on a completely different continent. Here are some of the things you can look out for online:


Live viewing: from 9 a.m. GMT (10 a.m. BST, 2.a.m. PT, 5 a.m. ET)


Livestreaming and commentary is offered by AP Live, CBS News, ET and the UK Press Association. If you are interested taking a glimpse of Kate in between coffee and a conference call, RSVP to one of the channels and you will receive reminders about the event.


In conjunction with Clarence House and St. James’s Palace, YouTube will host the official Royal Wedding livestream. A multimedia live blog including commentary, historical facts and footage, and an integrated Twitter feed will accompany the stream- a YouTube first. If you want to do more than just follow the Royal Wedding, you’re invited to send your congratulations to William and Catherine via a video guest book on YouTube.


Youtube, the official Royal Wedding lovestream. Image by Webtreats, courtesy of Flickr.


Along with BBC’s livestream, a live blog will also be running on BBC’s site. Commentary will be made by Brides editor, Millie Bratten and Fraser McAlpine and MacKenzie Wilson will provide on-the-scene correspondence. BBC’s diplomatic and royal correspondent, Peter Hunt will also join in on the commentary later in the day.


Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter):


Some of the social networking tools and sites which are involved in bringing the Royal Wedding to you. Image by Rosaura Ochoa, courtesy of Flickr.


To get updates on Facebook, join the British Monarchy’s Facebook Page. If you are really eager, you can host your own Royal Wedding livestream on your Facebook wall, courtesy of E!’s embedded stream.


On Twitter, the official Royal Wedding hub has been put together by St. James’s Palace. To get updates from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr check out this hub at Clarence House has also set up a Twitter feed. To have questions answered before the wedding follow Peter Hunt. The BBC will be tweeting and re-tweeting comments from @bbcroyalwedding. CNN plans to tweet live updates from @royalweddingCNN as well as accounts from presenters such as Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, Richard Quest, Kiran Chetry and Cat Deeley.


When you tweet about the occasion, remember the Royal Wedding’s official hashtag is #rw2011.



Flickr logo by Moh Tj, courtesy of Flickr.


Believe it or not, the British Monarchy has a Flickr account. So check out the photo’s from the big day on Flickr. Flickr will also be crowdsourcing photographs in The People’s Royal Wedding Album to get “the peoples view” of the event in London and around the world. You also stand a chance at winning by submitting your photographs to Flickr’s Royal Wedding Album.


Donations and Memorabilia:


If following one of Britain’s biggest events of this century isn’t enough, you can make donations and buy a range of memorabilia. If you want to make a donation, be sure to explore William and Kate’s charitable gift registry. Get something for yourself to commemorate the event from online websites such as Mulberry Hall and Dining Warehouse or The UK Gift Company.


Some of the memorabilia available. Photographed by americanistadechiapas, courtesy of Flickr.


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Mobile Kugel
written by Mobile Kugel, April 29, 2011
@iExperience, there are so many platforms to watch the wedding! I was amazed to read all the options that are available but I am not surprised. I wonder if one is able to find out how successful some options like YouTube live streaming are? It must be severe on ones bandwidth which is why I don't think it will be so popular in South Africa. I am guessing most people are watching on SABC 3.

What did you do?
written by iExperience, May 02, 2011
@Mobile Kugel- thanks for your comment. Livestreaming internet records were actually broken on Friday (despite the bandwidth restrictions in SA). I found an IOL article you might be interested in taking a look at:

I luckily was not stuck behind my computer so I was lucky to watch it with a few friends on a big screen (thanks to SABC3).
Mobile Kugel
written by Mobile Kugel, May 17, 2011
@iExperience, seeing that you did blog about the Royal Wedding, I thought you would find this blog by @Doolally amusing. Enjoy

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