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Find out who sold your email address to spammers

Posted by: riiaan

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Catch those spammers

So I have not blogged in a while. You see I was very busy with... um, um…Ok, I have just been as lazy as a Telkom worker on a Friday after lunch.

Now it is time to start blogging again and I will open my account for the year with a cool way to find out who is that asshole that has been selling your email address to spammers.


The wonderful folks at Google dreamed up this trick. When Gmail receives an email with a plus sign (+) in it, it will automatically remove whatever is between the + sign and the @ sign. For example if Gmail gets an email addressed to, Gmail will know that the email is actually addressed to

So how does this help you find spammers?

When signing up on a new site use the website name in your email.

Getting yourself a myDL account you will list your email as If you get no spam mail addressed to riiaan+myDL you know myDL have not been selling your email account details.

However, if you signed up at and you starting getting spam addressed to then you know they are the ones that sold your email address.

It is highly recommended that you burst into their offices swinging a baseball bat. Let them know you are unhappy.

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de Villiers
written by de Villiers, February 18, 2011
smilies/cheesy.gif It is highly recommended that you burst into their offices swinging a baseball bat. Let them know you are unhappy. smilies/cheesy.gif BRILJANT!

I opened a contract with Cell C awhile back and they misspelled my surname to be Villiers (by surname is de Villiers) suddenly I started getting Woolworth and Edgars cards in the mail addressed to Ansie be Villiers- assholes!
written by riiaan, February 18, 2011
maybe its time to burst into the cell c offices smilies/smiley.gif
written by Charmed, February 18, 2011
This is brilliant but it's too late to find out how The SA Consumer Initiative got my details!
written by msbodetti, February 18, 2011
Lol yea I'll have to go through every single 'dodgysite'i've signed up to...hmmm rather not.

How to get rid of spam? You can't...
written by thenack, February 28, 2011
Cool, I'm going bat shopping right now....

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