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FIFA 12 on Xbox

Posted by: The Organ Harvester

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The Organ Harvester

My girlfriend bought the EA Games FIFA 12 for my birthday. I like sports sims. Except this is EA and I am a fan of Konami's Pro Evo franchise.

The graphics are fantastic and now if you play on a Pro level you can accumulate points for your chosen club.  This is important if you play online. Since Telkom can't install an ADSL line in my area it is practically pointless.

Overall I like the game. the gameplay is familiar without being stale. But typical EA, there are a few glitches. Like when your striker scores a goal and goes for a french kiss/head butt/eskimo kiss with a team mate. That's his celebration. He gets stuck there and you have to skip that.

My favourite is playing Manchest United at Old Trafford. Not only have they bought Gareth Bale and Luca Modric but they dive and get penalties. I use Chelsea and Torres is shocking in front of posts. I swapped Petr Cech and Torres. The Spaniard is not a bad keeper.

But back to Manure Ted. The game is pretty authentic. The ref plays extra time when they are behind and every fall in your box will result in a penalty and will result in a goal.  Other teams are crap. Not Manure Ted. Wayne Rooney's hair blowing in the wind, delivers a devastating shot to leave the posts rattling. 

Overall I would recommend the game. I just started playing it and I am very happy with it. There are the obvious glitches. Like not finding your saved games in the saved careers folder and the french kissing strikers but overall the game is pretty enjoyable. Warning though: this game can break up relationships if one partner is not into it. (Chicks) My suggestion is learn to play the game or forever choose to lead a life of misery because you will known as She who hates Xbox. There was a movie about it once. Had Demi Moore in it. She had to wear the letter A on her chest for behaving like an A... you get the picture.



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