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Facebook: Cult or secret organization?

Posted by: ShackledMuse




Mark Zuckerberg made the fatal mistake of taking his hoodie off during the D8 Interview with Kara Swisher. On air, in front of the camera's and all that.

I hear you ask, Why is taking off his hoodie such a big issue?

There appeared to be some sort of insignia on the inside, and upon seeing it, Kara asked “What are you in, some kind of cult?”

Now combine the words Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Cult, Insignia hidden in items of clothing (insignia that cant be found anywhere on Facebook or its Marketing Strategies,) and you have chaos. Needless to say the net went crazy.

Here is the dreaded symbol in question, a strange Illuminati-like diagram, some call it:


Now this lead many conspiracy type to come up with conspiracy type theories.

Illuminati, Star of David, you name it. For a basic description of what it COULD mean, follow this link

I particularly enjoyed Caroline McCarthy’s article, Zuckerberg hoodie makes mountains of molehills, stating that people should keep in mind this is not a Dharma Initiative Map. (LMAO) I like the bold bits…

The funniest part is that the "mysterious" Facebook insignia actually seems quite easy to decipher. They didn't even translate "making the world open and connected" into some esoteric tongue like Latin or Tolkien's Elvish. There is the Platform, the Stream, and the Graph, terms that anyone who follows Facebook's developments is well familiar with by now. There are arrows in and arrows out. There is the "+1" emblem that appears when a Facebook member receives a new friend request. People, this is no Dharma Initiative map.

Dharma Initiative Map, get it? Hehehehe ai jinne tog, mense. I love a good conspiracy theory and juicy secret organization story just as much as the next person. But really? A cult?

  I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every second of it...

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written by OS GIKEN, June 09, 2010
lmao...but the questions still remains...whysmilies/grin.gif
written by ShackledMuse, June 13, 2010
Ah, good question. But keep in mind his Harvard background. Methinks its just a varsity boy still holding on to that secret organization thinking. smilies/cheesy.gif

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