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ET MMS calls for people to wake up

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

Eugene MMSLast week I received an MMS containing the image on the left.

According to the text in the MMS this is a photo of the brutally beaten body of former AWB leader Eugene Terre'blance who was murdered in his home on his farm... you all know the story by now.

If not Google it.

This MMS campaign asks of me to forward it to as many people as I possibly can in order for them to see what has been done, so that they can WAKE UP.

I fail to see the reason in me sending out an MMS so that people can wake up.

South Africans are awake

I have no idea whether this image is authentic or not.  What I do know and believe is that who ever started the MMS campaign, clearly isn't awake.

Crime in South Africa affects all of us on some level.  Others more on a personal level since they are the physical victims of it.  Most of us experience it second-hand due to a family member or a friend who was a victim.

Thanks to constant reporting via various forms of media we are reminded on a daily basis that crime is alive and well in South Africa.  To a certain degree we might be accustomed to it more than we should be but to believe for one second that we are not AWAKE...?

Creation of racial tension

The fact that ET was the leader of the AWB and that the suspects of the crime are black already creates racial tension.

But none of the whites I have spoken to feel it does.

Almost every Afrikaans speaking white person I have spoken to regarding the matter at hand have the same convictions I have to a degree.  A white guy was murdered on his farm.  In townships the very same thing happens from time to time.  It is sad but it is also a reality of life in general.

I have never before received an MMS showing the body of any other farmer killed in his house.  I have never received an MMS of any black, colored or Indian South African who was senselessly killed.

Still it happens.

Now because ET was white and the leader of the AWB I should care and WAKE UP?

What I do care about

I care about the fact that this happens to other South African families more than it should.  I care about the fact that the SAPS is doing the best they can with the limited resources at their disposal.

I care about the fact that in Brits, whites and blacks marched to their local police station not in protest, but to go and tell them(the local SAPS) that as a COMMUNITY they want to give a helping hand in the fight against crime.

They didn't go to a studio to record a cover song. They are physically contributing to the fight against crime.

But I do not care for this MMS and I will not adhere to your call to wake up.  I will not be part of this racial agenda.  I will not be defined by your Julius Malema's and your Eugene Terre'blance's.  We as South Africans have a clear vision of what is right and what is wrong.

This murder, as so many other murders in South Africa, was wrong no matter who ET was.

Sadly, your MMS is also wrong. WAKE UP

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written by thenack, April 19, 2010
Hi source, in general, I agree with you. ETs murder is not really special. The only reason it is different is because I know the type of nasties that are out there, and what they might do. Luckily, even the far right white has some solid (although slightly misguided) Christians, that is my only hope.

Anyway, on the matter of murders, it is true that the same happens in townships, but there is a distinct difference. Many of the farm murders are distincly hate crimes. Torture, mutilation, sexual humiliation and torturte are not usually present in roberies. Why rape an 70 year old lady with a broken bottle? Some of these murders are clearly genocide.

BUT, I will not forward SMS's sparked by ETs murder, and like you say, an SMS will do nothing
written by OS GIKEN, April 19, 2010
That's a hectic photo of ET dude! Damn...if its true...smilies/tongue.gif But true I'm happy about the fact that most South Africans, no matter what colour...we realize bull when we see it, we all want the same and security!
written by Dissol, April 19, 2010
Many crimes (in townships and elsewhere) are hate crimes. In that the motive comes from hate. Look at the violence suffered by homosexuals in our country - including the so called corrective rapes. I don't think there was a need to include the photo in your blog - there is no evidence that it is genuine, & it does not add to your comment.

The media, and misguided idiots, are trying to increase racial tension, as it feeds into their agenda. Unfortunately, the overseas media has regurgitated the same sentiments in many of their news coverage. ET is portrayed as the leader of a powerful organisation, supported by many white people in SA. I have met very few South Africans who did not think he was an idiot, and none who thought differently, who were not idiots themselves. Sure, there is a small extremist right wing element in South Africa. But then that is true of almost any democracy in the world; there are neo nazis in Germany, the BNP in Britian, the Ku Klux Klan in the States. These idiots will always be around (and often try to cloak themselves in the 'respectability' of a religion...). As a democracy, they have a right to exist, and to say what they think. But then I do believe that the rest of us also have a responsibility, to deride and expose them as the small minded racial bigots that they are, and IMPORTANTLY make everyone aware that they do not speak on behalf of anyone else other than their own tiny following, and that the vast majority of people in South Africa think that they are complete idiots, with nothing to offer to the future of the country.

When I received a similar SMS message from some right wing moron, talking about the night of the long knives, I sent him a strong reply, asking him what he was doing to help build a brighter future for everyone in South Africa. These sorts of messages are sent out by people who have nothing better to do in their lives than to cause trouble, they have nothing positive to offer, and should be challenged.
written by powachair, April 19, 2010
An MMS like that is senseless. What about the family of the victim. Must they be exposed to this insensitive MMS
written by Nita, April 20, 2010
I did not read what you wrote, but should say that any person who fw such a picture to me, would be deleted from my phonebook (and life) immediately. It is just despicable; we don't need to see such things.

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