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E-shopping in South Africa

Posted by: The Organ Harvester

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The Organ Harvester

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Being a single, lazy South African male I tend to always look for the easiest way out. Shopping online is one of those things probably invented males because real shopping was akin to having your prostate checked by an arthritic proctologist.


Being single I tend to have more money to spend on mindless shit. Like the MP3, MP4, radio player I bought from The product itself was a complete waste of money. It worked out to R300 and some change and that was after I used the R200 voucher I bought on Groupon for R60. But more later.


E-commerce in the form of online florists is particularly dodgy. Netflorist, God bless them tend to deliver exceptional service. I ordered flowers twice and one with positive reaction and the other where I had to ask for a reaction. Their service levels are good and I would definitely suggest you use them when needing to send flowers. Their prices are reasonable – which is a huge bonus when you consider how much you normally pay shopping in this arena. Payment options include EFT and Credit Card, with online as well as call centre contact points. I had a problem processing my credit card through their site and their call centre agents are quite friendly. Check out is another favourite. I managed purchase something I didn't really want but since I was on this experiment to test e-shopping in South Africa I figured I could do with a Humvee watch and ruby lens mono-something (Its a one eyed binoculars) I initially had a few problems with using the site when I used Chrome. I used Firefox and the transaction went through smoothly. The deal with this site is that from 12 midday to 12 midday the following day the sale is open. Their prices are reasonable and sometimes traffic stopping. They have one product a day, 7 days a week and you either want it or you don't. Join their mailing list to keep an eye out for bargains. The delivery promises anything from 1 – 4 working days. I personally hate the whole working days concept because I see that as a massive impediment to successful e-commerce. With all these public holidays I should be getting my Humvee branded made in China merchandise maybe end of next week. Payment options include EFT and Credit Card


Just made a purchase of a crocodile leather handbag. No its not for me, its for me ma (You have had to watch Snatch to get that). Check out Its relatively new and well its one of those places where you're guaranteed of buying quality. The process is rather seemless from the blog dimension to the e-shop section of the site. So you can window shop if you want or you can cut straight to the point. There are two payment options – Paypal or EFT – Notably the only one that I have used that's using Paypal. Love Italian Fashion is still in its infancy but is generally a to the point


E-shopping in South Africa is relatively new. The whole concept of selling internationally and taking advantage of our weaker currency are key driving forces, but there are certain factors unique to South Africa that barricade us from fully exploiting e-commerce. Quality of product – we want to be able to judge the quality of the product in our hands. I bought my laptop from several years ago and the purchase was nothing like what was advertised on the website. Other than that we also want guarantees. We also like walking into a store, it offers us that assurance. Personally I don't have the time and if I could do everything off my mobile phone I would be a very happy man.

I found to be too cluttered and trying too hard to be another Kalahari in my opinion. Will I go back? Maybe.


So pay these sites a visit, sign up for their mailing lists and test our e-commerce sites. My next post will deal with Smokoo and the virtual coupon – Whose really benefitting?



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written by Charmed, April 21, 2011
Are you copying and pasting your blog from Word? I can see weird formatting on the top, can you?

If possible, could you paste it in Notepad and make it plain text before posting so it will rid of all weird formatting? You can add links after pasting from Notepad?

written by Doolally, April 21, 2011
I am female and hate shopping! Online shopping is great... if you have a credit card! I don't buy on credit and hardley any of these sites have a direct deposit or transfer system smilies/sad.gif
The Organ Harvester
written by The Organ Harvester, April 21, 2011
doolally - they all should have an EFT function. I tend to test both because well that's what guys do.
written by Doolally, April 21, 2011
I have been on a few sites that don't, I get annoyed then don't go back smilies/grin.gif

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