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Doppelganger week on Facebook !!

Posted by: HomeGrownHoney


I have just been made aware that it is Doppelganger week on Facebook. For those of you that believe that you resemble a celebrity, now is your chance too show all your friends.

No one knows how this got started, but it seems to be quit clear that people on Facebook have a lot of influence on each other, creating a network-wide phenomena.           More and more people are joining in the fun daily and of coarse, you can also join the Facebook group!

Cnet News has made their feeling on this new craze very clear. They believe that it is violating Facebook terms of service due to copyright violations. I believe that it is a couple of people having a bit more fun with their Facebook pages!

So if you have ever been told that you resemble any celebrity, why not chance your profile picture too that of your celebrity lookalike. Just have some innocent fun..


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written by OS GIKEN, February 03, 2010
OH HELL NAW! I'm my own celeb!smilies/wink.gif
The Source
written by The Source, February 03, 2010
Yes OS, we know
written by Jas, February 03, 2010
All too well... smilies/grin.gif

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