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Does your Facebook seem different lately? Fix your Facebook Newsfeed.

Posted by: redhotdesign



Does your Facebook seem ‘quiet’ lately? Not as much happening as you’re used to, or does something feel 'different' but you're not sure what?

It’s a setting.

This may come as a surprise, but Facebook have been toying with their default settings of late……they have added the default to ‘show posts from people you interact with most’. Meaning that you are only getting posts in your newsfeed from the people you interact with frequently. Simple as that. Now you know.

Want to change it?

If this suits you, great, the setting works for you. If you’d like to change it to display ALL news from your friends do this:

1.    Click the Facebook logo at top left to take you ‘home’. Now you should see your Newsfeed.

2.    Scroll to the bottom of your Newsfeed and look for ‘edit options’ at the bottom right. As you scroll down it will reload as you reach the bottom, just keep scrolling down. Eventually you’ll see your ‘edit options’. Click it.

Fix your Facebook |

3.    The dialog box that pops up offers you two options:

Fix your Facebook Newsfeed!

4. Select ‘All of your friends’.

Refresh your Newsfeed and you’ll have all your posts back.

You’ll get all posts from all your friends again.


Tell a friend!

Facebook regularly makes changes to their platform and the way its users interact.

Let your friends know about this important change and they’ll start getting your News and Posts again. Until they change their setting too, what they see is content only from friends they’ve interacted with in the past few weeks!

So share this with your friends to keep them sharing with you on FB!

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