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Does music change your mind?

Posted by: Skarlett_Fury

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I don’t know how important music is to you guys, but to me it can, in some ways, change my decisions, moods, associations I make.

Sometimes, a song is all it takes to give you a glazed expression, head tilting as you reminisce about the good old days, your popularity in high school, a perfect holiday, long days on the beach, some long-lost person who changed your life.. well, you get the point.

But how strong are your associations? For me, I associate whole genres with people I dislike rather intensely, thus giving me a somewhat unhealthy aversion to these genres. Because of a certain person, then, I can be overly judgmental of what really could be a decent song. Similarly, if I associate a song or genre with someone I like, I may be influenced to like that song/genre more than I otherwise would have.

I started thinking about this again the other day, when I was in a store. Not really looking for anything in particular, just sort of browsing…(it seemed a good idea at the time). Something caught my eye, and I wandered over to inspect it, the sales assistants giving me evil looks, no doubt in fear that I would ruin their handiwork of setting up shelves.

I smiled at them in what I though was a non-confrontational way. I hoped it would somehow let them know that I am actually a little OCD and will in fact be straightening out the products. Somehow I don’t think they understood.

Anyway, so I approached the shelf, picked up the object and… a bad song began playing. Well, I thought it was bad. I associated it (the song) with several people in my high school, who I never want to see again. The shock was so immediate, I dropped the object back on to its pile (it was neatly dropped), spun, and fled the store. I think the security guard half believed I was shoplifting (who runs when shoplifting?? Dead giveaway). He started to his feet then realised that I had clapped my hands to my ears, repeating, “The horror! The horror!” (Yes, I really do this in real life. People sometimes call me ‘the entertainment’).


Anyway, leaving confused and bemused people in my wake, I hurried away from the store, out of earshot of this awful song, and I wondered if anyone else is ever discouraged from entering a store (or any place, really) due to the music.

Clubs would be an easy example, of course, as you would not go to a club that plays music you hate.

But what about restaurants (fast food included)? Pubs? Stores of all kinds.

Sometimes, we can’t escape the ill-chosen soundtrack (think shopping-mall-music during the festive season), and so it must be endured. What scares me is that it’s not bad enough that I have to listen to this nails-down-a-blackboard song, but it often haunts me through the rest of the day, playing an annoying refrain on loop in my head. Special form of subconscious masochism, that.

Hm. Another reason I love MP3 players, I suppose; they allow you to choose your own soundtrack, without fear of hitting a song that induces frothing at the mouth, bleeding ears, and general mood instability. But maybe that’s just me.

Happy shopping, folks…

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written by Dissol, March 12, 2009
I thought I had strong reactions to certain songs...but nothing as strong as your own! I can see how you are called "entertainment"!

But lots of different songs evoke lots of different memories. Some good...some bad...some dodgy.

Kate Bush...when she first came to be known...was at a strange time in my life. We would watch Top of the Pops (UK TV chart show), and whenever she came on, all the boys would chant "Kill the Witch"...for some bizarre reason...

If I hear "Don't Cry for me Argentina", or even the hymn "Jerusalem" then I think of the dark, smelly, interior of a Hercules aircraft.

But there is one song...I can't even bring myself to say the title...which was incessantly sung by one nurse during a dark time in hospital...brings me out in a sweat every time...
written by OS GIKEN, March 12, 2009
LOL - me too.

I like music - music is probably one of the purist forms of art, sometimes raped, but in most cases very well done by some people.

I depend on music ot lift my mood - I even have the best party song BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL as my alarm, so I wake with a smile every morning - when I need to clean the flat or my car - music helps me get through it without even noticing that I worked for hours on end...good music has the ability to make anyone in any mood feel a matter of fact I'm listening to my fav song at the mo right now!

MUSIC IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! smilies/smiley.gif :zzz
written by Kalin, March 12, 2009
me three

and i too agree that music is the most purist form of art.

I also believe that i my mind can change the music depending on my worldly experience.

some songs thing tho, i still cant reinterpret

it still grates on me when i hear oasissmilies/smiley.gif all the idiots in school were listening to oasis while our group was into Faith No More, Sound Garden, Metallica and hard rave (90's) smilies/cool.gif

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