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Do you have what it takes between the two big toes?

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To take responsibility for any given situation is a skill that requires a few things like a backbone, an iron will and solid nuts.

I read an article about how Kodak is suing Apple and Apple is now counter suing Kodak.  What is the point?

All that happens is that of the three parties involved, two of them loose an obscene amount of money and one of them makes an obscene amount of money.

Kids that can't get their way and then end up having to rely on other kids or adults to help them get their way lead to adults that can't get their way and have to rely on other adults to get their way.

At the end of the day, they simply don't want to take responsibility for their problems and resort to paying someone else to sort them out.  This is a sad situation indeed and it leads nowhere.

Shakespeare had it spot on the button when he wrote in Henry IV:

“The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers”

Innovation is a wonderful and delicate thing.  As long as it is left alone to be allowed to develop, it will give us some of the most incredible things imaginable.  But innovation, like truth, is a keen blade.  It is either a weapon or a tool, the choice is yours.  But unlike truth, it cannot exist on its own.  It needs help and this is where the delicate part comes in, because without help, it will simply wither and die.

And it is here that the lawyers of Apple and Kodak are to blame.

If you have a look at what the fight is about, it is all about silly little things such as the manner in which information is saved.  What is the point?

But if you leave it up to a lawyer, they will argue the point to death, revive it and then proceed to argue it to death again, constantly repeating the process until no-one is sure as to what is being argued about, except for the lawyers.  And who wins in this case?  Certainly not Apple or Kodak.  And what happens to the money that they are spending on the court case?  Well they have to recoup their losses somehow, so they pass it on to the consumer, that being you and I.

Now if they had just agreed to disagree instead of being like children and letting someone fight their battles, I am sure that the whole situation would be much easier.  Technology would be much cheaper.

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