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Do it yourself!

Posted by: salambander

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I'm quite proud of myself. My computer crashed and I fixed it all on my own, without even googling for help. In the process of fixing it I discovered lots of shiny new things that can be done, such as listing files in columns, in reverse, through the terminal (I had to find them to delete them).

But even more, having worked out how to fix the problem myself, I could then go and help other people who were probably having the same problem. So I posted in the Ubuntu support forums, and... I wasn't flamed. It's a good sign.

So yay! If a problem shows its face, try to fix it yourself, and learn while you do it, so you can then help others and get this lovely warm and fuzzy feeling. If everyone did this, maybe there'd be no problems in the world that were not solved somewhere, and blah blah something world peace.

Well, there's a hole in my logic (dear Liza, dear Liza) in that if no one asked for help, instead trying to fix their problems themselves, then who would the people who have solved the problems be able to help? Um...

Aha: if you've got a problem, try to fix it yourself first. Then, when all looks hopeless, ask for help. And besides, if asking for help in a forum, people are much more responsive when they know that you've tried, and besides, they like a challenge.

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