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DIVORCE Yourself in the High Court or Family Court - Fast and Cost Effective

Posted by: Bertus


It's sad but true. Nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Adding insult to injury, many times divorce proceedings turn into long drawn out battles where the only people winning in the end are the divorce attorneys collecting their paycheck. There is a way to bypass this and file for divorce online, it is called the eDivorce, South Africa's fastest and largest online digital divorce platform.

  1. Can anyone file for divorce online? It depends. Ideally, this method of divorce is best for couples who don't have major assets that need to be divided, are not seeking spousal maintenance and not contesting the divorce.

  2. What are the benefits to filing for divorce online? If both parties can agree on terms, an online divorce will often save money, since you don't need to hire a divorce attorney. It will also save you time and money.

  3. How do you file for a divorce online? Some websites will allow you to do this procedure, but with hidden costs. eDivorce is one example of a cost effective, fast and less hassle way to get divorced. Usually all that is required is to answer the online questionnaire, fill out the required paperwork and submit a payment for them to prepare your documents. eDivorce allow you to pay online with a credit card or make payment via EFT. Unless there are any unforeseen complications, the entire process is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated and can be wrapped up in 4 weeks and best of all your divorce will cost you less than R 1000.

  4. There is even a money back guarentee and a FREE divorce helpline at 0835334428 and lots of Family Law information to read at
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written by darrenbarker, April 22, 2010

If you and your partner have agreed on the terms of your divorce (meaning its unopposed) the DIY divorce pack will help you complete the necessary divorce forms online and guide you through the divorce process. There is no need for a complex drawn-out and expensive divorce, if you need an attorney because you think its getting complicated goto

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