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Divorce Online Divorce Fast Divorce Cheap Divorce Without Hassle

Posted by: Bertus


Attempts to use the worldwide Web as an effective means of struggle against bureaucracy are undertaken constantly and sometimes successfully. Today it is possible to fill in a tax return, draft a Will or Family Trust or to receive a legal consultation. And lately there are sites offering online divorce services, like eDivorce South Africa’s premier online DIY divorce platform and the good news is that you can get divorced at a fraction of the normal cost.

It is usually easier to marry than to divorce, especially if the spouses who wish to do so must divide their common property as well.

Why should we lose the money and time applying for divorce, if there is the cheap and fast alternative - divorce online through eDivorce. You find the site, take your mouse, you press on the button - and start the process.

The high cost of lawyers has not forced people to refuse divorce. The deep reasons for divorce lie in the emotional - sensual sphere. The most painful and unpleasant situation is dialogue with a third party hired to engage in and bear your personal problems in general divorce discussion.

The eDivorce process has Two Divorce Plans from which you can choose:
The Silver Plan - R 950 + Sheriff fee of between R 100 - R 150 - The best DIY divorce service to meet all your needs

All your divorce forms - completed for you by the eDivorce platform and checked by divorce experts

Step-by-Step Guide -Written in plain English and easy to follow

Fast Service - Documents delivered within 24 hours guaranteed The Gold Plan - Managed Divorce Service - R 6 000 all inclusive We will not charge you by the hour or minute to deal with your divorce. The price you pay is fixed from the start of your case and includes everything you will need.
Why choose our Gold Plan Managed Divorce Service?

No complicated form filling - We will do that for you.

All your required divorce documents-Prepared and completed by divorce specialists

7 day a week service- We are open when it is convenient for you.

All documents filed at court for you - We deal with all the filing and admin.

Settlement Agreements are catered for- We can help you, with or without children

GET A FREE Will - For both Husband and Wife if you need one.

Divorce in less than 4 weeks -Fast service guaranteed.

Attorney supervised - All services supervised by an Attorney

Appearance at Court - We appoint an Attorney or Advocate to appear on your behalf at Court.

Professional and Trustworthy

Save over R 2000 - Fixed fee for all the work

Visit eDivorce at or call 0835334428

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