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Die Suidlanders: It's the 1980's all over again

Posted by: ShackledMuse


I don't usually watch Special Assignment, but the ads got my attention. A documentary about the Suidlanders, a right wing religious group of Afrikaners. I thought, Hey, I've just written a nice heartfelt blog about why I love South Africa and why I dislike the not-so-proudly South Africans, so why not watch Special Assignment and let my blood pressure rise a little? Nothing like some good old fashioned Afrikaner racists to push my temper levels to the limit.

Now I hear some of you saying: Shackled, why do you care about some right wing cult group? (May I refer to them as a cult?) In fact, I've been told many many times before I should just let it slide. Ya know, when I overhear a converstation leaning towards "old regime thinking," my first reaction is to dive in there and defend the new South Africa. No No No No, just let it slide, its not worth your time.

We've all heard those type of conversations. The two women behind us in the queue at Absa complaining about how "they" mess everything up. The afrikaans speaking ooms making fun of the Groenewalds. The people complaining over their wimpy coffees about how much better everything was 20 years ago. Just let it slide.

Why should I? Those two tannies in the queue think they're entitled to speak on my behalf just because my skin is white. That I should agree with their line of thinking. And if I stand there and listen to their drivel without speaking up, they'll continue thinking that. If I keep quiet, I'm agreeing with them. Now I've noticed the majority of Afrikaners just agree with what others say. They might not really harbour any ill feeling towards their fellow South Africans, but because one dude makes some ignorant remark the entire cirlce of friends will agree with him. They might not go on killing sprees, but they'll nod their head, and say "ja ne" just because they dont know any better and everyone else seems to be agreeing too.

Thats why I care about some right winged cult group. I care about the people they influence. And brain wash.

Thats why I wont keep my mouth shut. I wont agree with them just by remaining silent or nodding my head. South Africans of all races and backgrounds need to realize that we're in this together.

Now, back to the original train of thought....


The Suidlanders: in preperation for Uhuru

Actually its a tad bit difficult to establish what the Suidlanders' aim is. From what I could gather, its a group of Afrikaners who believe that when Mr Mandela passes away, there will be a nationwide attack on white people, (night of the long knives, uhuru, etc) instigated by the ANC. This was prophesied by their prophet, Siener and was also the corner stone of the Apartheid Regime.

According to an ex intelligence officer, who I presume is also a main leader or preacher dude, the DVD's distributed by the Suidlanders show people that the South Africa we live in wont always be sunshine and roses.

In the event that Mr Mandela passes away, (ie, when Night of the long knives, or Uhuru, is upon us) the Suidlanders will begin with the immediate "evacutation" of approximately 800 000 white people. Evacuation sites have already been established and will be manned 12 to 24 hours after Mandela's death has been broadcast.

The locations of these farms are unknown. The Special Assignment team visited one such farm. There's enough space for 8000 people, with supplies to last three months. Only one way in and out of said farm, so its a safe haven. In the event of strikes, xenophobic attacks, war or night of the long knives. Strikes, I hear you ask? Yes strikes. The "trade unions are in the position to launch a nation strike, which will drastically cut the supply of fuel, electricity, etc, leaving white people quite vulnerable." Among the people interview were:

  • Paul Kruger and Andries Breytenbach, who's on the Volksraad Verkiesings Kommittee;
  • Andre Visagie, AWB spokes person;
  • Barend Strydom, aka The Wit Wolf
  • Frans Jooste of the Kommando Corps;
  • Zizi Kodwa, Presidential spokesperson, as well as
  • historical and political analysts, Christi van der Westhuizen, Andre Duvenhage and Henri Boshoff


Die Volksraad Verkiesings Kommittee (VVK):

Ja.... The Volksraad Verkiesings Kommittee wants a seperate homeland, complete with a government and elections among their own people. Because the South African Constitution is worthless. All this planned for May next year and they already have 10 000 voters. Zizi Kodwa was quoted saying the government is very adament that a seperate "volkstaat" is most definately not on the cards. To which the VVK replied that they'll settle on a piece of land and take it by force if needs be. They'll take the law into their own hands, and if it ends in violence, its a war forced upon them by black people.

Like I said earlier, we're all in this together. We are all South Africans regardless of our skin colour, language, background or sex. And to make South Africa work, we need to realize this and work together. I really dont see how a seperate state is going to fix things. I guess to understand all this one needs to go back the very roots of racism and why certain people think they're better than others. but then we could just sit here for hours.

The AWB; Tereblanche's death

Christi van der Westhuizen explained that Eugene's death made him a right wing martyr under AWB members, especially since he died in a self fullfilling prophetic type of way. She's of the opinion though that the far right wing ideal will never be acceptable to the majority of Afrikaners. They dont want to horde together in one territory, cut off from the rest of South Africa.

Andre Visage said that "Mr Tereblanche's afsterwe het die grense onder die Afrikaners weggewas."  (Tereblanche's death washed away any borders that existed between Afrikaners.) . It awakened a huge interest among afrikaners to join the AWB. They get about 200 calls per day. See? There they go thinking for me again. His death really didnt make me "see the light," and it certainly didnt make me want to join the AWB.

Andre Visage made it clear that anybody who feels that the new South Africa is good and acceptable will not qualify for membership.

Awww shucks, might as well withdraw my application then....

The Kommando Korps (or is it Corps? I'm not really sure.)

Oh my word. Frans Jooste is going around from town to town and city to city recruiting young people and training them. (Dare I say brainwashing?) Theoretical training, guns, even some AK 47 lessons. (I visited my home town a month ago. Now I didnt realise it at the time, but they've already been there as well. Them, or some other similar rogue group. There was a schedule on Spar's notice board. Of all the activities and lectures. Its sad, actually.)

In his "recruiting speeches, he asks the young ones: Wie haat Malema? Malema is besig om 'n leeu in 'n hoek te druk. Wat is ons?
To which all the young people shout: Ons is LEEUS!

(Who hates Malema? Malema is aggrevating a lion. What are we? We are LIONS!)
I'm not a big fan of Malema, but really now? Look at it like this. Malema said Kill the Boer. They say Kill Malema. Is Malema the only dumb dude in this scenario? No. Malema stooped to some low level, and they're just copying him and following him down there as well.

Besides that, their uniforms have the Vierkleur on, as well as a litte label that says: "V#k jou, ek is 'n wit suid afrikaner." (F you, I'm a white South African.) Now maybe its just me, but I really dont take people like that seriously.

Its Boetie gaan border toe all over again....

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written by thenack, May 27, 2010
Is this favouritism, or why is this blog left here while all other non digital blogs have been moved, am I missing something?
written by Basjan, June 12, 2010
Howzit boet. Freedom of association is a recognised human right. The Jews, Zulus, Xhosas and other cultures have that right and so does the Afrikaner. Next time you go for a ride, count down 3000 meter. If you lay down the bodies of the almost 3000 farmers and their family members killed in farm murders, that would be the distance of the row of dead people. They will be lying side by side only one meter apart! Many of the woman were raped and many of them, their husbands and children were tortured to death. Some of the most despicable and horrific acts of violence by black racist on Afrikaners.

If you work in a corporate building, chances are that you perform a couple of fire drills every 6 months or so. Have you actually been in a building that caught fire? Probably not. Is it prudent to perform these drills? Absolutely yes. Of the 70 odd countries in Africa, many of them have experienced acts of genocide. Go visit Genocide watch and appraise yourself of the status of South Africa.

This country is very close to genocide and it is recorded as black racist genocide on whites. The probability that you may witness the genocide of white people in South Africa is better than the probability that you will ever be in a building that catches fire.

In devising an evacuation plan, the Suidlanders are simply prudent. The importance of their faith and their believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour are underscoring their firm grounding in Christianity.
written by ShackledMuse, June 13, 2010
First of all, don't get me started about the basis of their "Christianity." The bible that I read and studied made no reference whatsoever to white people being superior to black people.

Secondly, where exactly is it recorded as "black racist genocide on whites," as you so eloquently put it? how about you go do some research on violence by white racists? It goes both ways, you know Boet. (just by the way, I'm not a boet.)

3000 farmers died in farm attacks. Yes, that is horrific and no one deserves their life to end like that. But... We have other serious crime stats in SA too, and the 3000 farmers who died at the hands of your alleged "genocidal black racists" are a small number in comparison.
written by Basjan, June 20, 2010
Good evening Shackled. You blogged about the Suidlanders and the so called Afrikaner racists, so I am keeping to your score. I can discuss my concerns on AIDS, its black orphans and the millions of black South Africans that have no work, proper shelter or food, but let’s keep to the main scope of the blog.

A little bit about myself. I am white, I am an Afrikaner, I am a Christian, I go to a multi-racial Church, I support the Springboks, I support one soccer team and that is Bafana-bafana, I wave the South African flag, I blow my South African coloured vuvuzela, I have black friends at the office, I respect them and they respect me, I am a supporter of the rainbow nation and I am a Suidlander. As a matter of fact, you will find many other white moderate Afrikaners within the Suidlanders. As a matter of fact you will also find white English speaking people within the Suidlanders. Another important aspect of the Suidlanders for me is that they ask of their members to be law abiding citizens. The first time I pickup anything to the contrary, I will walk away from them.

I see that you love this country and so do I. The current polarisation along racial lines is unfortunately not something you or I can do anything about. It is systemic and driven by the perpetrators and fascist black racists like Malema within the ANC government. Go read the stages of genocide again. The best hope to reverse the polarisation rests with the moderates within the perpetrator group. In Malema’s recent disciplinary hearing, the moderates were asked to recuse themselves. In other words, the ANC seems impotent to stop polarisation from forging ahead and taking us into stage 6 (if we are not already there).
All crime has a motive. Ask yourself what the motives are behind these farm attacks. Why is a good natured, good hearted white Afrikaner chained to his bakkie and then dragged behind it and killed? Why do we find bona fide black police involve in farm attacks?
Statistics is a cold and impersonal view for me and to top it all people say “Lies, more dam lies and then you get statistics.” What we should never forget is that each of these white people killed, in the most hideous manner possible, is a mother, father, sister, brother or child of someone. There is no good data collected on farm murders and the information that is collected is used to serve political agendas. However, with an estimated 3000 people murdered you can do the ghastly ratios.

I agree partially with you, it is the 80s all over again. The difference is that the tables are turned and where in the 80s we had apartheid, today we have black racists committing genocide against a sliver of the rainbow nation, decimating the white farmer community. White genocide on a much grander scale in South Africa is a real possibility and that essentially is what gives birth to the Suidlanders. Go and read about the “The 12 ways to deny genocide”. You will then realise that many people in this country is totally unaware of the stark reality of what is happening around us. We unfortunately live in a very-very-very fragile rainbow nation.
written by John Ridding, July 09, 2010
All respondents and readers of this section best be aware of the following. There is a REAL threat out there, and when, within the next 4 years, we see the signs of GLOBAL infrastructure disintegration, you will find yourselfs in the proverbial cold, with little or no resources with which to maintain a semblance of civilization. DO NOT ridicule the Suidlanders, as they are proactive, and even if their calendar is wrong, there actions are not racist but survivalist.
written by Ike , September 14, 2010
The person who wrote this article is sooooooo very fast asleep. Can't you see what's going on around you? Don't you understand the reality of Africa? When all hell is going to break loose, we as English South Africans better start running towards the Afrikaners as they will be our ONLY resort of survival! Wake up fellow English speaking dooooooods!!!
written by ShackledMuse, September 21, 2010
Fast asleep heh? I'm not english, dude, I'm Afrikaans, and I despise "my people" for the very same mentality you display in your comment. You guys are ones who need to "catch a wake up" and see that what you think is happening all around is merely a figment of your collective imagination and, dare I say, fears. The reality of Africa, as you so eloquently put it, is that people here are trying to eradicate your judgmental racist views and build a united future TOGETHER. The REAL Africans, regardless of race or colour, trying to make a difference, not the Suid landers, or any other group (regardless of race) who feel the need prepare themselves for the swart gevaar or the wit gevaar or what ever other gevaar makes you shake in your panties.

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