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Defend your computer

Posted by: riiaan


Defend your computer from viruses

Have you ever had a file that you suspected might contain a virus? Your anti-virus scanner says the file is fine but still you have doubts. If so, go to

Upload your file and they will scan it with 42 different anti-virus software applications.

All the big names are there like Kaspersky, Avast, F-Prot, McAfee, BitDefender, etc. They even have free anti-virus software packages like AVG.


There is also a page with some statistics of what they have found and some of those stats are disturbing. For example, more than half of the files they have tested contain some form of malware. I just wish they published which anti-virus performed the best i.e. picked up the most viruses and which ones performed the worst.


So before you install the crack for that game you pirated borrowed, run it through VirusTotal to see if there are any nasty infections hidden in the file.

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james rond
written by james rond, March 30, 2010
Thanks for the info
written by riiaan, March 30, 2010
@James: it's a pleasure
written by Jas, March 30, 2010
Woopa! Been using it for a while now. At home, I use ClamWin on my personal laptop, coupled with the ClamAV for Windows - a cloud based solution (the folks are protected with Microsoft Security Essentials - basically the free version of Microsoft's Forefront Client Security).

I've had one or two false positives with ClamWin (to do with an SSL module for VLC) and checked it against VirusTotal's database. It would be cool if they opened up an API that allowed people to pro grammatically interface with their database.
written by riiaan, March 30, 2010
@Jas - yes, it would be great to point it at folder and just let it run!
written by OS GIKEN, March 31, 2010
Why only upload a file? Why can't the service be tailored to scan your entire PC? This McAfee is kuk because it only scans and deletes some virusses...and then it gives me a report of what it cannot delete, then I'll have to call support to load another anit-virus and that one will delete it and then they uninstall their anti-virus when their done!

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