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Dear Mr President:Part 2

Posted by: Slashen

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I agree you are a tosser for the statement you made about Zimbabwe.

Secondly I do not think you actually know how to spell Crisis let alone identify it or admit to it. What are you hiding that you are protecting a person like Bob?

Lastly people if our dear Mr President can not see that he has a Crisis on his door step then how ill he see any other crisis in the world.

I suppose you don't think that:

Dafur = Crisis - Pres idea - just a little issue with the weather - NO CRISIS

Zimbabwe = Crisis - Pres idea - Huh who what - that's his mate - CRISIS NEVA

Crime in SA = Crisis - Pres idea - hey wot u talking about i have not been hijacked, burgled, family member raped, shot - no crisis here

Economy in SA = Crisis - Pres idea - I get my salary and all the freebies that no one knows about - therefore NO CRISIS

World Oil = Crisis - Pres idea - I get driven all over the place, i don't pay for flights or fuel - CRISIS - u must be joking

Mr President my quote to you Sir - Suck a dick up til you hic up you ignant ass lying scum of the earth no good human thingy.

Yes i am pissed off with you and your government for not standing and supporting basic human rights and for the people who voted you in, i pray that this will not happen again, which it will but i will continue to pray for some kind of change here and abroad.

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written by gonzobabe, April 14, 2008

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