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Darkness Falls

Posted by: Buffy

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A tidal wave crashes over me. Over and over I gasp for breath as I am overcome by the wave. My muscles strain against the current as I flail in its powerful surge. A persisting feeling of purpose and determination grips me as I fight for my right to live. The powerful surge knocks me down again and again with every chance it gets. I struggle to fight back the tears of fear that grip my weary eyes, the battle I fight as much a part inside of me as about my physical person.

Finally as the will to fight begins to seep out of my veins, I wash up on to some beach only to be hit by a consistent pour of rain that already soaks my skin. My bloodshot eyes open to the scene before me. A torrent of water spouts from the drenched earth ahead of my near lifeless body. This mountain of water issuing up from the depths of the ancient earth threatens to blot out the sun. As I struggled slowly to my feet I stood in awe of the power before me. Just as I had begun to appreciate the wonder and awesome fury of this awesome display of water, it slowly sank back to the earth to be reclaimed again into time. I stood there my breath coming in ragged bursts in the chilling rain not knowing what to do.

How I had come to be stranded here is a long and convoluted story; the tale full of turns and sorrows that had shaped my unorthodox life. I sat on a cool rock beneath the shelter of some trees near where I had washed up trying to think of all the events that had led to this unfortunate circumstance. My head swirled around trying to grab on to anything that was real, anything that I could connect to this. Anything I could remember from the time I had entered into the water would help to push me to understand where I truly was. I madly racked my brain, searching deeply into the recesses of my mind hoping to find anything, anything at all that could help me out of here.

My thoughts swim before me as I try to grab hold onto any little thought I can. The coming setting sun does nothing to help the panic already swelling within my chest. I focus hard and a short glimpse of what happened shot before my eyes. A bright light flashed above me as I tried to swim up to the surface of the water. My head ached from the gash above my right ear that I had gotten from….something. My lungs ached from the water I had swallowed accidentally. As I broke the surface of the water a shudder shot through my spine. My breathing quickened as I realized that I was alone in the middle of the water.

But why after that does it all go black? I pound my fists into the soft sand unable to recall what happened before or after falling in that water. Am I one who truly merits this? Frustration overwhelms me as I bitterly pound the wet sand. A heart laden with grief and panic can’t help me out of here. I need to remember, I need to calm myself, but most of all I must keep my head or inevitably fall into my own darkness.

(We had a friend called Wolf on the Blog site with no name  that had a idea a while ago about how we perceive a pictures differently, and how we channel different thoughts about things. So for this post I decided on doing just that writing on how I perceived this picture. )

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