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Posted by: thenack


MyDL abuse

I could not believe how much namecalling and abuse I have had to endure over my post on Zapiro and Muhammad. So went and read some more on this topic, and I posted the blog elsewhere, also on some international blog sites. Here is my conclusion:

People on MyDl do not really concentrate while reading and have trouble following arguments.

They are also very quick to start with the namecalling and personal attacks, but hardly ever comment on something you actually said, or even try to formulate a proper argument.

I have up until now not received one comment that said where I was ignorant and why I was called all those names, except for Bianca who actually pointed out that I was presenting the Qur'an out of context. I have since edited my post and only use the Qur'an to illustrate my point about Muslims being very quick to react, but not demonstrating respect themselves. This point stand firm and no amount of namecalling will overide the logic, in fact, this is exactly the point of Zapiros cartoon.

Internationally most people agreed with the general jist of my post, locally the feeling was mutual. Muslims (at least the ones we hear from on TV, shoe, almost did it again) are very soon to be up in arms, even though they are not the most tollerant of religions. In fact, they threatened Mail and Guardian with voilence the night before the cartoon was published. This type of tantrum manipulation is childish and deserves (in my opinion), to be ridiculed. So if you have a problem with my opinion, and you strugled to follow the long post, here it is on a plate now, so agree with that or disagree:

POINT 1 The general feeling I get from the Muslim community (what their leaders say on TV) is that they are very easilly offended, but are themselves very intollerant of other peoples culture and religion. They are always up in arms and making some threat of voilence. Yes this is a general staement, but lots of people would agree.

POINT 2 Threats of violence over the Zapiro cartoon deserves ridicule. Mail and Guardian did good to ignore these threats, and since the over emotions have died down the matter has been discussed like grown ups.

Oh, and please let me know if using a cartoon of you-know-who to portray myself is going to get me killed. I thought it would be OK since pictures of you know who are not allowed.

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