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Connectify - Turn your PC, laptop or Android phone into a WiFi hotspot

Posted by: mirfaan

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Having an ethernet-only internet connection when you're trying to rock your WiFi device, or having to share a single 3G internet device when you're on the road, or having your wireless router fail and needing to reconfigure all your WiFi devices to new setting are all painful experiences, we wish we could avoid.

Enter Connectify, an easy to use, and free(!), software router for laptops and smart phones. The software allows you to wirelessly share an internet connection (via modem, 3G card, or another WiFi network). It's as easy as creating an access point name, giving it a passphrase, and choosing the connection you want to share.

Other Wi-Fi enabled devices, like smartphones, laptops and tablets, can see and connect to Connectify as if it were another Wi-Fi access point, with all the security offered by WPA2 encryption.

The best use case, for the overly prudent disaster network recovery person, is using connectify to clone your current WiFi settings (including SSID and passphrase), so that when your router or other fails, you can quickly recover the entire network by fixing only one connection.

Installation (2.4MB file from cnet) is a straightforward double-click process  (you may get a bright red Install Driver anyway screen), and the beginners guide is simple and comprehensive, with videos on how to set up hotspots, setting up your x-box via connectify, and using your laptop as a wireless repeater.

Windows 7 only, Android is in Private Beta at the moment.

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written by riiaan, July 18, 2011
This is exactly what i need at home! Thanks for the heads up.
written by Skarlett_Fury, July 19, 2011
Am actually using this right now. It's made life so easy smilies/smiley.gif and with the right wireless card, my phone can access the wifi too. I think it's pretty awesome, only it occasionally has issues when more than one PC connects, but restarting the hotspot usually fixes that.
Cool article dude. smilies/smiley.gif

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